Richmond, VA Telephone: Any accepted citation form may be used. A doctoral supervisory committee consists of a minimum of four faculty members including the supervisor. Psychology Graduate Student Orientation. Faculty members cross-appointed to more than one program may be defined as outside examiners for the programs which are not their primary affiliation. Selected Graduate College More information. All research involving human participants is considered research subject to review.

July Institute of Education University of London. This protection expires 50 years after the death of the originator, regardless of who holds copyright at that time. A Guide for Ph. Limit of Copyright Protection: Warrington College of Business Administration Ph.

The Professional Development Seminar More information. Following approval of the proposal by the supervisory committee, students must submit one or more copies of the proposal to the graduate program director. We reserve yrok right to make changes with notification. A Guide for Ph. The supervisor must produce her or his own corroborative written statement.

Have you discussed your postgraduate More information.

york fgs thesis guidelines

Regulation on doctoral studies at the Agricultural University of Iceland Art. University of Toronto EXS. Further, the Faculty deadlines outlined above may not provide the time necessary for ethics approval, if required.

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A copy of the candidate’s proposal should accompany the recommendation. All projects involving the use of human subjects, animals, and biohazardous materials are subject to review by the appropriate University committee.

Delegated Research Ethics Review Committees for research guiidelines in courses and for MRPs must be composed of a minimum of two faculty members who are in an arm’s length position in relation to the research. Students hold copyright to their theses and dissertations, regardless of the method of submission. The title should indicate as clearly as possible the area of research, but it is understood that this tehsis may change.


Please ensure to use the updated forms available below.

york fgs thesis guidelines

The title should indicate as vgs as possible the area of research, but it is understood that this title may change. Program Regulations for the Gukdelines Science Ph. Contents Individual Interdisciplinary Programs Chapter 9 Doctoral Programs Contents A. External members are expected to be established academics and normally members of a graduate Faculty at another university. Doctoral Supervisory Committee A Doctoral supervisory committee consists of a minimum of three faculty members: Learning and Teaching Guidlines, 13 May Version: Master’s Part-time Students – proposals must be approved before the end of FIFTH term A student s 1 st term of registration is in the Fall term, the proposal submission deadline is April 30 of the second year or six months prior to intended completion.

July Institute of Education University of London.

The verification in writing should be forwarded to the Chair of the Examining Committee and a copy should be provided to the student so that it will accompany the final paper copies submitted for binding.

Revised Rules and Requirements I. Of interest to PH.


It should contain evidence of critical understanding of the relevant literature. The Faculty of Graduate Studies recognizes the mission of the university to seek, preserve, and disseminate knowledge and to conduct research in a fair, open, and morally responsible manner.

In exceptional circumstances the Dean may approve a Program Director’s recommendation that a faculty member who is not a member of the Graduate Faculty serve as a member but not a Chair of a supervisory committee.

Regulations for the Computer Science Ph. Where delegated reviewers decide that a protocol should not be approved, the protocol will be referred to the HPRC for full board review. Changes adopted by the Executive.

Research Ethics | Faculty of Graduate Studies

The following sections provide guidance and suggestions with respect to when and how to secure copyright permission. By submitting a thesis or dissertation, a student is making the representation that it is entirely his or her own work and that it has been done while he or she was a graduate student at York University. Approval by the Program Director: A false representation or failure to make a disclosure as outlined above is an academic offence and renders the thesis or dissertation ineligible for consideration of the relevant degree.

york fgs thesis guidelines