Decision tree for doctoral candidates, based on the situation as at 6 March Future papers cause essay on being ill analysis essay muet essay anmeldung dissertation vg wort. Unsere Hauptmission liegt in der Verbreitung wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse, und zu diesem Zweck arbeiten wir auch mit kommerziellen Plattformen und Wissensdatenbanken zusammen z. Please enter your contact details in case of any questions. Legal framework Rights and obligations of the contractual parties By agreeing to the guidelines and signing the publication contract, the author grants the operator of the publication server licence for the following: It is intended for public dissemination. The formatting of the documents submitted to OPUS should conform to the standards of scientific work.

All the search words must be part of the document. In addition to current publications, older publications shall also be included at a later point. In case of multilingual texts, please select the dominant or, if there is no dominant language, the more international language usually English. This right shall also apply to the German National Library and, where necessary, to special collections libraries and scientific information services. Namensnennung- Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.

Data protection and technical resources All data submitted to the operator in various online forms are used exclusively for business-related and technical purposes.

Please observe our guidelines in this regard. Please remove the CV from your publications before publishing in these cases. The production and dissemination of further reproductions is only permitted with the veröffentlichunh holders express approval. Nutzung von Publikationen des Dokumenten- und Publikationsservers Qucosa Wie kann ich nach Publikationen des Dokumenten- und Publikationsservers suchen?

vg wort dissertation online veröffentlichung

At the end of the form you can use the field ‘Comments’ for further information vröffentlichung did not fit into any of the categories provided. Folgende Dokumentenarten stehen zur Auswahl:. Liability for illegal, inaccurate or incomplete content and for damages resulting from the use or non-use of information provided by third parties shall lie exclusively with the respective operators of the linked sites.


In simple searchseveral search words are automatically connected with ‘and’. They made a significant intellectual contribution to the resource which is secondary in relation to that of the author s or creator s e.

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The electronic publications are easier to research, accessible and can be used directly from your computer. Wie sieht die elektronische Publikation aus? Poomse 6 hours ago david whitwell essays gattaca essay read here service each 13, autorstwa. In order to guarantee the authenticity of the documents, no options for amending or deleting documents is provided for after this point, comparable to print publications. In order to guarantee the authenticity of the documents, they may not be amended or deleted, similar to print publications.

The electronic document General information on the electronic document The term electronic document as used in these guidelines shall be defined as a text- and graphics-based document that is stored in digital form on a storage medium and disseminated via computer networks.

Article The document type Article includes documents that were published as articles, leading articles, editorials, indexes, directories or as part of the editorial section in a scientific journal or periodical. The document type Moving image means a series of visual representations that convey the impression of movement when shown in sequence.

The author or editor shall guarantee that the document does not violate legal regulations, official decrees or the rights of any other third parties.

vg wort dissertation online veröffentlichung

For indexing, storage and archiving of the electronic documents as well as the exchange of metadata, international standards such as the guidelines of the Open Archives Initiative OAI are used. Course material The document type course material means teaching materials in the wider inline, e. Such materials are generally not accepted for OPUS FAU unless the entirety of the submitted lecture texts constitutes a qualified scientific work.


Certain standards dizsertation be observed when citing, e. This field is also relevant, however, if you want to publish your text on OPUS FAU but it has already been published with another publisher. The title page and the second page must comply with the rules set forth in the appendix of the General Doctoral Regulations http: Please omit these personal information dissertwtion the birthplace in the version to be published.


For online publications in particular, it is useful to enter the title in other languages as well to increase your publication’s searchability. Register your publication at the collecting society Wort VG Wort. Doctoral Thesis The document type Doctoral Thesis describes the thesis which is submitted to achieve a doctoral degree. Welches Datenformat muss ich abgeben? Websites credited to an author reflect the opinions and insights of that author.

Since the thesis will be permanently accessible to the global public, this may be waived for privacy reasons. Please list all of the text’s woort in the order which was used in the publication.

In case of multilingual texts, please select the dominant or, if there is no dominant language, the more international language usually English. Das Papier soll in einer wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift oder als Teil eines Buches erscheinen. I’m a new author Login for shop user. The resolving service of the German National Library performs this service: