Make all revisions after the defense. That’s what happens when you do research and develop a fuller understanding of the matter you are investigating. You need to be very strict with yourself at this point. What you are handing out at this point is a version of your thesis that you think should not require revisions although this is rarely the case. Skip to global menu. Ideally, you should have settled on a proto-topic with your supervisor by mid-October.

You will be working very intensely at this point, but the work is likely to be quite satisfying, since things will fall into place in ways that you could only hope to happen a month or two before. Skip to primary navigation. Or, in one chapter you may be reviewing the facts, and in the next sifting through the various possible analyses of those facts. After your presentation, you will be asked questions on your work, first from your external examiner s , then from internal s , and then if there is time from members of the public audience. The Graduate Program Assistant will send your copies away for binding and let you know when they’re ready for pick-up. You may pass with major corrections. Return to page content.

Guidelines for oral examinations

Regulations governing the choice of external examiners are as follows: Once you’ve completed the written portion of your thesis or dissertation and each supervisory committee member has read the thesis or dissertation and agreed that it is examinable, you must complete an oral examination. You may decide to abandon the field research component simply because it is too difficult to do the field research in the time you have available.

If your dissertation is larger than Mb or you have appendices or ancillary information for the examiners such as a performance video you will have to bring your dissertation and ancillary materials to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies appropriately formatted on a DVD. A good Master’s thesis cannot be written in one draft, nor can it contain everything that a student writes on the topic addressed.


uvic thesis defence

Submit your thesis to your supervisor and submit the Application to Graduate Form deadline is July 15 for November convocation and February 15 for June convocation. You may be trying to prove that something is true or you may simply be trying to explore a puzzling phenomenon and describe it in its full complexity. For convocation information, see ddfence Ceremonies and Special Events convocation website.

Give a copy to the graduate secretary for your student file. Return to secondary navigation.

Doctorate oral exam announcements – University of Victoria

This will help you to keep on track and to get through the inevitable crises that come when you think, “I don’t know what to say. Check with Graduate Admission and Records not Accounting to be sure that you do not owe any money to the University. Develop a work plan with your supervisor for example: The External Examiner must be chosen by the supervisor and in the case of PhD oral exams must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Furthermore, you should make an effort early in your first term to talk to all the faculty members who seem to share some of your academic interests in order to get a sense of what they can offer.

Draft material as uvuc go along. At most, you can write three such chapters preceded by a short introduction and followed by a brief conclusion.

The Library keeps electronic copies of all Master’s theses that have been completed. Make all revisions after the defense. Revise final draft and prepare for defense August: You may need to prune tangential arguments.

uvic thesis defence

If you write two more chapters of 25 pages, you will have pages. Two Arm’s Length Status Forms one form per supervisor must be submitted if you have two co-supervisors. Research that would require you to consult the National Archives in Ottawa or to go to Hong Kong for field-work may be more challenging. devence


Thesis and dissertation – University of Victoria

If you tehsis two co-supervisors, they each must complete a copy defrnce confirmation of Arm’s Length status form. You are likely to be trying to show that “this” rather than “that” is the more adequate account of the matter at hand. His graduate research in the Faculty of Education focused on how underwater cameras motivate students to ask more questions and become more informed about human impacts on the ocean. Whether you’re in the planning stages, preparing to defend or completing the submission process these pages will provide you with the information and resources you’ll need to ensure you’re successful each step of the way.

The hypothesis or idea with which you start is just a preliminary formulation that helps you get oriented toward your work and enables you to sort through what you have to do to complete the project successfully. She will then submit all the forms to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office.

uvic thesis defence

Some students will have publishers interested in publishing their work, or have sensitive patent information in their thesis or dissertation, or even have a signed contract to write a book. Your supervisor will select an External Examiner who has not been involved in the supervision of your thesis.

That’s what happens when you do research and develop a fuller understanding of the matter you are investigating. The University has two graduation dates: You should have an approved thesis proposal by December For instance, you may decide that your original analysis of the problem was mistaken, and that a theory that you had initially discarded is actually the correct one.