The objectives of the Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah Studies are:. Faculty of Economics and Muamalat. USIM menggunakan dua bahasa pengantar, yaitu: A thesis that will be examined by at least two 2 examiners, where one of them must be an External Examiner. Iri hati seseorang kepada orang lain, menandakan ia ingin seperti orang tersebut, namun ia tidak mampu sepertinya, dan hakikatnya ia orang yang tidak mengakui adanya takdir ilahi. Full Time 6 Semesters. It also encourages academic research that is hoped to produce knowledgeable, competent and professional graduates in various fields.

Full Time 6 Semesters. It provides Muslims with guidance in human relationships as well as organises the structure of Human Resource Management. To produce mature graduates in the field of Islamic studies and are committed in the area of dakwah and management. The programmes do not confine only to the traditional Islamic studies but also extend to cover programmes in science, technology, medicine, engineering, communication and counselling which may translate the meaning and scope of Islamic studies in its true sense. Master of Muamalat Administration Halal Product. That faculty aims to achieve the following objectives:.

The faculty will determine the appointment of supervisors.

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To fulfill this aim, the faculty is expected to produce graduates who are well mannered, disciplined, conversant in many languages, highly motivated and competitive, responsible and willing and ready to serve the society, nation and the ummah. To promote characteristics among students that thesjs the qualities of true Muslims, such as independence and competitiveness.

It provides Muslims with guidance in human relationships as well as organises the structure of Human Resource Management. In addition, they are able to understand and keep abreast with the development of modern thinking. To produce graduates with an extensive understanding of Islamic thought in the disciplines of faith, moral and Islamic law, as well as of current knowledge.

Graduate Studies

To instil the values of devoted, ethical, and responsible Muslim based on the Islamic values in every member of the University including students, graduates, scholars, officers, academic and non-academic staff, to enable them to contribute positively towards the development of Islam, the country and the nation. Faculty of Science and Technology was formally established on 1st December To produce graduates who understand the Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah, and are able to utilise the sources as the guiding principle.


Master of Arabic Phr. Faculty Objective The objectives of the Faculty are: Full Time 6 Semesters. In line with Visionwhere Malaysia aims to be a developed country, the government has estimated that 41, doctors will be needed.

To organise world class, high quality research, studies and community service programmes in order to produce graduates, scholars and intellects who are well balanced in the aspects of knowledge, devotion towards Allah swt usom dedication towards the country and the nation. The goal of the Faculty is to produce graduates who always believe in oneness of Allah, thesia technically competent, scientifically knowledgeable, biologically oriented, committed to respect for human dignity, socially sensitive, ethically and professionally responsible and an effective team member.

The total number of words must not include footnotes, excerpts, appendices, formulas, tables, diagrams, bibliographies, etc. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences http: The course is designed to give the scientific background, the practical skills and desirable attitude needed for safe and independent practice of dentistry. Confirmation of Degree Conferred.

This first batch of students had first completed a year of Tamhidi matriculation at Bangi. Besides using the same building, the faculties share common resources in terms of physical facilities as well as human resources.

The area of muamalat administration is one of the subjects that has been studied in the Islamic world since the era of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. That faculty aims to achieve the following objectives:.


eImtiyaz: Thesis (Postgraduates)

The qualifying test is a research-proposal defence in the presence of the Thesiw Test Committee members. Confirmation of Degree Conferred Only candidates whose oral examination reports have been endorsed and whose hardbound copies of the usm have been received shall be considered by the Senate for conferment of the degree. This is to accommodate the students as their clinical years will be carried out at the nearby brand-new high-tech Ampang Hospital.

Sesungguhnya Allah Maha mengetahui segala sesuatu.


To explore, develop and ;hd the knowledge of Islamic economics and muamalat via research, conference, and publication in order to harness the power of knowledge in developing the nation, which is according to the sacred and perfect Islamic philosophy.

Imam Yahya Bin Mu’az berpesan: Registration and Bench Fees. Now they are undergoing their first year at the Faculty which started on 3 July To produce mature graduates in the field of Islamic studies and are committed in the area of dakwah and management. To produce graduates who are experts in the philosophy of dakwah and management, and are able to contribute to the development of modern dakwah. The objectives of the Faculty are:. It is the uism hope of USIM that the graduates of this faculty may serve and benefit the society, nation and the ummah particularly in expanding knowledge on Islam and science.

The basic concept of all programmes offered at USIM is based on its philosophy of integration between revealed and acquired knowledge.

usim phd thesis