As part of the course, students will participate in a moot court exercise and present oral arguments in the courtroom at Stetson’s Tampa Law Center. Whether it is religion, culture or technology, Japan was often the final destination for any movements flowing East. While Australia, the country, is relatively young, the continent is ancient. This course will be treated as a seminar, allowing each student to actively participate and facilitate with class discussions, individually present to class and write a final research paper. Thus, everything from the governmental structure to the overall culture both traditional and modern was created by a unique mixture of the indigenous culture of an island and the outside influences of other countries, of course, the United States being one of them. Students should gain an appreciation for the scientific method; Students should develop a basic understanding of the different types of microorganisms and their differentiating characteristics as well as the basics of the host immune response; Students should gain some background on how microorganisms and humans interact in the development of disease and immunity to disease.

Finally, we will collaborate to identify examples of 21st century films, video games, art, and literature that exemplify an updating of the Romantic spirit today. From Elvis to Aerosmith to Nirvana, rock music has provided much of the soundtrack for American life. For this course students will read several plays being performed in Tampa during the fall semester, meet with theatre practitioners to hear about the process of making theatre and the reasons for these particular plays, and see several of the plays in performance four or five , including on TheatreUSF production. The combination of biological, psychological and social determinants, and their contributions to behavior and health, is examined from critical analysis and evidence-based problem solving approaches. It will be a broad interdisciplinary introduction to the study of this part of the African continent.

What does that mean? This course will be treated as a seminar, allowing each student to actively participate and facilitate with class discussions, individually present to class and write a final research paper. Using key cultural practices such as art, sport, national celebrations, music, film and tourism as focal points, the unit aims to facilitate understanding of the foundational myths of Australia.


For more information regarding Hollings, please visit: Permits for Summer and Fall courses O. Has it ever been otherwise? Course Objectives Publish apps into the real, world wide market of over countries and millions of users Build Student development portfolios Engage students into an entrepreneur mindset Gain a sense of confidence that students are able to do great things by becoming software entrepreneurs.

Is “diaspora” a fundamental condition of identity and belonging in the 21st century? All required films carry English subtitles, and all reading is done in English.

The second part of the course will consist of analysis and discussions of the various political views expressed within the Israeli democratic system concerning the Palestinian – Israeli conflict.

IDH – Subtitle: ;ermit Priority Deadline: My sincere thanks and congratulations to 50 members of the Honors College Jazz Band, Chorus and “philharmonic” Orchestra for providing a wonderful evening of music to a grateful audience. If you have any questions relating to this event, please contact Theresa Vess at theresa. In other words, we will study “messes” as a way to look at questions of problem definition, explored across boundaries.

Know-a-BULL News #

This interactive course explores how thesiis health is represented in the daily news. Loseke’s course focuses on social science research methods and includes attention to research from sociology as well as psychology and related disciplines. What are the historical and cultural roots of Australianness and why does this matter in a globalised world?

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From Aesop’s fables to Zootopia’s moral fauna, from Hobbes’ leviathan to Peter’s wolf, from Darwin to extinction tales to ancient travelogues, we are sure to follow Mr. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own questions and we will attempt to grapple with these issues via a focus on cultural production including theoretical and literary texts, films and videos. Fifty years after the Civil Rights movements of the s, why do inequalities persist in the US?

No additional texts other than the scripts will be required. We will discuss the emergence of the movement in its early 19th century context, as a response to urbanization, industrialization, and the Enlightenment, and seek parallels with the present day. The Sociology department is also offering an additional course specifically for juniors and seniors who are preparing to take the MCAT.


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This course will examine texts and films that interrogate the global human condition through the representation of possible futures. Most importantly, we consider how Rowling’s principles of magic might help us create an ethics of rhetoric.

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Fulbright Summer Programs cover the majority of participant costs including round-trip airfare, tuition and fees, accommodations and meals.

Students with a tech background but also have backgrounds in art, web design, and programming will thrive in this environment.

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To apply for a permit, go to the Honors website, click on Honors College Forms: SYG sections and taught by Dr. Immersed in the Wizarding World, we will concoct potions, practice Divination, put magical acts on trial in the Wizengamot, deliberate on the magical “nature” of non-wizard creatures, and attempt to transfigure virtue and vice with speech. How might we, to quote Professor Severus Snape, “ensnare the senses” in the “right” way?

Watch on the web at http: Text and Performance in Tampa. What, if anything, did African societies gain? This is the first year for this scholarship which funds current students of the State University System of Florida for one-year, full-time Master’s courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at the University of Oxford in the United Thess.

Standing in busy Tokyo it is hard to imagine Japan as an island, but it has made a difference both positively and negatively throughout its history—not many countries could have closed off their borders even if they wanted to, but hohors a while Japan did.