Repeatable for maximum 3 hours credit. History of Rhetoric and Textuality. A survey of literature written by Shakespeare throughout his career. The works, times, and critical heritage of William Blake. Students will work on a comprehensive project s and may be required to spend considerable time outside the classroom.

An introduction to the literature and culture of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. An internship with a literary arts or media venue of the student’s choice, with departmental approval and under the direction of the Undergraduate English Program Office and onsite internship advisor. English Literature from the Beginnings to The writing that represents the achievement of American literature in the decades before the Civil War. Shakespeare in the Classroom:

Students will be involved in the planning and implementation of the project s and may spend time outside of the classroom. Discussion and analysis of the phonological, morphological, lexical, discourse, and syntactic structures of African American English crrative their interaction as the grammatical system of language use in the African American community.

uga intro to creative writing

A detailed examination of selected forms and ideas in the African Intr tradition. The English novel from Defoe toincluding novels by Richardson, Fielding, Smollett, and Sterne, the Gothic novel, and the novel of purpose. Seminar in Literature of the English Renaissance.

Independent graduate study, under faculty supervision, in special topics not available in scheduled courses. Topics in Eighteenth-Century Literature.

An creatkve to process writing within an academic discipline. You must successfully complete this course and your completed final portfolio must be approved by the Coordinator of the WCP in order to receive the Writing Certificate.


Thesis length is manuscript pages for prose, 45 pages for poetry.

Writing Certificate: Courses

Required of all English majors. Students will engage in all aspects of editing and producing ti literary magazine or scholarly journal while learning about literary and academic culture through theoretical, aesthetic, critical, and practical components.

uga intro to creative writing

Investigation of writing as a process, dialogue, and artifact. Major themes and movements in twentieth-century criticism. Topics in Renaissance Literature. Language Variation and the Linguistics of Speech. Special topics in Medieval literature to This course is writing intensive which means that the course will include substantial and ongoing writing assignments that a relate clearly to course learning; b teach the communication values of a discipline-for example, its practices of argument, evidence, wriitng, and format; and c wrriting students for further writing in their academic work, in graduate school, and in professional life.

Important writers and movements in the mosaic of American culture and literature with special attention to African American, Native American, Hispanic American, and Asian American literatures.

During investigations, the class will discuss histories, theories, practices, forms, design, and the future of composition. American Literature from the Beginnings to Honors. Courses 19 hours of coursework are required for the certificate: The interpretation of films, with emphasis on the relationships between motion pictures wriitng British and American literature.

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Multicultural Literature in America. Works will be read in Old English, with supplementary translations. Aimed towards current and potential Language Education and English students interested in a future career in teaching or interested in why and how Shakespeare has become such an educational icon for the last three centuries.


In discussion, students will evaluate writing in specific contexts and develop expertise in critical reading, rhetorical analysis, peer review, and revision. A detailed examination of the life and works of one or two American authors. The development of ideas and forms in American fiction from the end of World War I to Intermediate study in creative writing, limited to a single genre, such as short fiction, poetry, nonfiction, the novel, performative writing, hypertext, and hybrid form.

ENGL W: Introduction to Creative Writing: Georgia (UGA): Koofers

English Literature from to the Present. Research while enrolled for a doctoral degree under the direction of faculty members. Writing as a process, with an emphasis on the conventions of discourse situations, invention, revision, editorial skills, and document design.

Sriting emphasis will vary from semester to semester following new developments in literature.

uga intro to creative writing

Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Literature. The English novel from Defoe toincluding novels by Richardson, Fielding, Smollet, and Sterne, the Gothic novel, and the novel of purpose.