These documents must be received prior to electronic submission of your thesis. The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not offer technical support for the templates. Click to print Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window. Table, Figure and Plate Headings. FGSR must receive this form by the listed deadlines in order to avoid future registration and fees. You may need all or only some of these sections. The preface is an optional part of the front matter.

Headings can be numbered automatically, as well as figures and tables. Paragraph Use this style for first line indented paragraphs. The tables of contents styles are set in the style catalogue, though you will not need to use them in the chapter template. Styles will keep your formatting consistent. Fees will be assessed according to the registration. On the task pane, click the down arrow beside the style name you want to update:.

Step 7 will show you how to create these tables. There are fields in the front matter template for the Table of Contents, and the Lists.

You can simply ignore the front matter template thesks you need it see step 5but use the chapter template for each of your chapters. The guidelines still require that theses be halfspaced or double spaced.


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It’s a chapter heading? So we are no longer forced to produce that atrocious page layout. If you have questions, please contact your graduate coordinator. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The text is 12 point Times New Roman, and is double-spaced. TOC The tables of contents styles are set in the style catalogue, though you will not need to use them in the chapter template. Failure to meet the formatting requirements may result in a thesis being rejected. Then all of the headings will look consistent.

ucalgary thesis template

Using these templates from the first paragraph that you write, and understanding the use of styles, will help in you in achieving a consistently formatted document. Locate Adobe Acrobat Resources. Then apply the Heading 2 style. These styles are used to create further divisions in temlpate chapters.

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As long as styles were used to mark the headings, you should be able to update the Table of Contents field, and it will display all of the headings and appropriate page numbers for you.

Locate the text in the document that the table of contents is picking up. This will give committee members adequate time to appraise the thesis. Previous Post Modal Logic!

University of Calgary thesis template

FGS no longer accepts paper submissions. University of Calgary University Dr. Select it, and click Insert Repeat as needed, for all of you chapters. Word will not automatically number your tables with these styles see caption if you’d like to have automatic numbering.


Have you ever been working on a document, and you’re about to start a new section.

ucalgary thesis template

Follow the instructions here to delete any section that you do not need. The topic must have been approved by the student’s supervisor. All text with these styles will appear in the lists of tables, figures or plates respectively in the front matter template. Install cualgary Front Matter Template. Normal This style is the default style in Word. Use the Chapter Template.

On the task pane, click the down arrow beside the style name you want to update:. One template for your front matter title page, table of contents, etc.

If you have copyright permission letters allowing inclusion of another person’s work in your thesis, the letters must be included. The point of these templates is to assist you with the formatting so that you can focus on the writing. For master’s theses, the abstract can be no more than words long, while doctoral abstracts can be no longer than words. The following is a list of the important styles available in the chapter template:.