Discussion This part should present the principles, relationships and general statements drawn based on the results obtained. Paragraph format is preferred over point-form format. Post as a guest Name. Example can be seen in Appendix B Sementara bentuk lisan yang ditranskripsikan seperti ucapan, wawancara, temu bual, perbualan dan sebagainya dalam pelbagai bentuk rakaman.

The report of each student will be evaluated by the supervisor of that student and at least one examiner [lecturer s other than the supervisor or co-supervisor]. Limitations if any and recommendations where relevant can also be discussed. However, legends and captions for tables and figures, and list of references should be single-spaced. Pagination- The page numbers should be printed 25 mm from bottom edge and placed in the center. This section should not be just an extended description of the results or paraphrases of the result section.

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thesis guideline unimas

III List of Abbreviations ………………………………………………………. The digestion yielded no abnormal cleavage of the MLC-2 gene fragment between tumour and normal colon samples.

References All references cited in the text should be recorded.

Perpetrators can be subjected to disciplinary action refer to Item This should be done before the oral presentation session of the final year project. This section must be unimmas and signed by the student. Students are advised not to use the chapter system, but should adhere to the section and sub-section system.


Gen MLC-2 bersaiz bp berjaya diamplifikasikan dan di potong dengan 15 enzim penghadam yang berlainan. Guiddeline statistical analyses, only report the degree of significance p value or F value.

Thesis Submission Guideline

Bentuk tulisan seperti buku, majalah, surat khabar, makalah, monograf, dokumen, kertas kerja, efemeral, puisi, drama, kad bahan, surat, risalah dan sebagainya. This section should be written in past tense and passive voice style. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 60 7 From the manual of the template: Fish, crustacean and cephalopod fauna and their fisheries of the Paloh mangrove, Rajang Estuary, Sarawak.

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Thesis Submission Guideline – UNIMAS Institutional Repository

Tables and figures should support and aid your report, and should only contain the summary of the data. Results If the results are abundant, it is advisable to separate this section from the discussion if it is not appropriate to be combined.

Statements or methods by previous researchers whose authenticity have been acknowledged must be cited. If the method used has a standard protocol, state unimws method according to the existing protocol refer to the guidelines on preparing FYP proposal, STF Do not present all your statistical analyses. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


thesis guideline unimas

If the tables and figures are taken or adapted from others, the appropriate reference sources should be cited. Sign up using Facebook.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Thesis Template

Molecular Ecology, 10 1 In a recent finding the expression of human kDa Myosin Light Chain MLC-2 gene was found to be down-regulated in the tumour colon tissue compared to the normal colon tissue. I used google based on previous question by you, quickly looked into the manual of the template and provided you with a working solution.

Tables and figures containing detailed and raw data can be included as appendices. Students should use this section to strengthen the background of the study so that the reader will have enough knowledge to understand the research project. The font type and size for the main body of text should be Times New Roman, size Table of Content All sections and their sub-sections hence, the headings and sub-headings should be listed appropriately with their associated page numbers. Refer to Appendix C.

Headings should also be in Title format with lower case for conjunctions.

thesis guideline unimas

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