The tracks are different per study programme and are shown in the Education Maps. Thesis topics The thesis topics for MSc students at the Animal Nutrition Group vary considerably and can cover a whole range of animal species, research techniques and disciplines of animal nutrition. The subjects for a thesis research are often associated with the group’s five core research innovation themes. You can choose a thesis topic in consultation with the thesis coordinator. Below you can download some useful forms for your thesis or for your academic internship.

This consultation should be done at least 6 months in advance to ensure the actual start date of the research. For personal advice, please contact the education coordinator or plan an intake meeting online. In both cases students can expect full support from supervisors. The checklist is a summary of the activities of the thesis – and the internship process. Social capital I am a specialist on social capital, so any topic that is related to social capital, or social capital related to any topic is open for discussion. Harro Maat Food and farming Sustainable intensification Skills and embodiment Global health and community health Philip Macnaghten Responsible innovation Critical policy engagement Sociology of environment Deliberative methodology Governance of science and technology Barbara van Mierlo Learning in innovation networks Sustainability transitions in agriculture and energy Reflexive monitoring Innovation management Annemarie van Paassen Communication and innovation dynamics Partnership for inclusive development Transdisciplinary research Ict and rural development Sietze Vellema Value chains and partnerships Trade and collectivity Coordination and improvisation Interdisciplinarity and practice. For instance vegetarians or veganists.

A large part of MSc thesis research takes place abroad.

Participatory technology development Seed systems Interdisciplinary and action research Rural innovation. There are numerous interventions coodrinator health promotion at the worksite, ranging from corporate fitness and providing fruit at work, to vitality coaching and mindfulness training. Alternatively, there is the possibility for students to do something different and develop their own idea for a MSc thesis in Environmental Policy.


With your BSc thesis on this topic, you can contribute to getting this overview. Inequalities in food, e.

Theses and Internships at the Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles group – WUR

Download the Master thesis agreement which you can download at the bottom of this page, complete the agreement, and have it signed by your supervisor s. For example, the work of Eldar Shafir on scarcity shows that living in poverty might have serious consequences for cognitive functions and attention.

During the remaining thesis trajectory, every text will only be read twice: In order to promote health or well-being effectively, it is increasingly recognized that interventions should not focus on only one domain for example physical coordonatorbut on more domains for example social domain and physical health.

Psychology of eating Behaviour change strategies Food environments and spatial design Nutrition education Nudging Design research for interventions eHealth and technology for healthy lifestyles Self-regulation processes in health behaviour e.

Theses and Internships at the Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles group

The thesis is a compulsory element of your MSc study programme and the culmination of your studies. The next step is to write a research proposal with the assistance of your thesks Step 3.

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Read the Thesis assessment rubric see document below so you know the specific aspects of your thesis work that will be appreciated by your supervisor s.

Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. Thesis topics The thesis topics for MSc students at the Animal Nutrition Group vary considerably and can cover a whole range of animal species, research techniques and disciplines of animal nutrition. Writing a thesis is an individual process whereby a student takes a full responsibility for its outcome, being assisted and guided by an academic supervisor.


More forms can be found and downloaded here from the OWI website. Check the available thesis topics below Have a look at the list of previous thesis topics Attend thesis colloquia of fellow students Check the fields of interest of our staff below. The intake meeting with the education coordinator will link the thesis topic to a possible supervisor.

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Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. Scientists need to listen to stakeholders and This overview gives information on the field of expertise of all RSO supervisors.

Sustainable Food Transformations 4. Below you can see a flowchart to help you get started. Within the A specialization there is a special Disaster and Conflict track. Content Search coorddinator Breadcrumb. When you are close to finishing up, register for a colloquim by sending an email to the secretary of GEO.

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To what extent is diversity taken into account in worksite health promotion interventions? Nikkie van der Wielen nikkie.

CHL also especially welcomes those students who wish to contribute to ongoing research of staff members. Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email.

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After that you agreed on the exact research subject, you should register as a thesis student. Make sure you properly reference all your sources while writing check out the statement of plagiarism on the side of the page for the detailed explanation.