Their story will be the 14th chapter to the book. Reading activity Read Kim’s story to the class or as a class. Discuss the questions for Virgil and list the answer on the board under the column for Virgil. How we learn about characters through their own chapters as well as through the chapters about others? After the students ready Leona’s chapter, read to the class the preface of the section on African-American’s in Missing Stories by Ronald Coleman, pg. Sae Young, too, uses the garden to enhance her existence, as does Nora, and other characters. Students will learn how to use a variety of comprehension strategies before, during, and after reading.

You need that bridge to cross over. Operations Center Staff Directory. Writing Assignment Tell the students to think of the future and write a letter to their child who came home from school upset because they had been taunted or discriminated against. Order our Seedfolks Lesson Plans. Further directions on peer editing and a sample “chapter” will be given on Day Four.

After reading Sam’s chapter, assign the students to read from Missing Stories the story of Joel Shapiro pg. That’s an old adage, but you need to know where you come from. A stroll through a community garden leaves me happy and hopeful, cheered by the sight deedfolks what we can accomplish together.

seedfolks essay prompts

Each student should then share with the class seedfooks question they would ask. Be sure to follow the district and school guidelines in formatting the stories on a shared drive. Paul Fleischman is a Californian who likes to read while he enjoys his morning cup of coffee and a bagel.


After reading Maricela’s chapter arrange the desks in the classroom into a large circle and read as a class each student reading one paragraph of the story of Epiefanio Gonzales Missing Stories pg. The procedure for the remaining 12 chapters should be the same. Several times in the novel, the characters mention that the community garden gives them hope.

seedfolks essay prompts

When each class period is finished, erase the answers in preparation for the next class, keeping notes on the answers for each class. Read Ana’s story to or seedvolks the class. Order our Seedfolks Lesson Plans.

Seedfolks Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

This should lead to a class discussion of this passage. How do these stereotypes damage their relationships with others? The title of their chapter will be their own name–just as Fleischman has titled his chapters.

Eight Week Quiz F. Day Seven eseay carry over into Day Eight Objective: After each group has exsay their stories, answered the questions and presented their findings to the class, assign a journal writing assignment using Pastor Frances A. Their story will be the 14th chapter to the book. It is set in the present where the story is told from the points of view of 13 different multicultural characters. Copyrights Seedfolks from BookRags.


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Shapiro’s experiences and how they related to other stories of Jewish American citizens. Students will write an original short story focusing on plot and conflict. Oral Reading Evaluation Sheet. Each group is responsible for answering several questions about their story and to share this information with the class. Each question should produce a class discussion.

Upon completion, ask the questions associated with Ana’s chapter. From there, he began to develop memories, ideas, and newspaper stories.

Students will demonstrate understanding of various elements of fiction: As students read the final two chapters by Amir and Florence, they will see how the garden has become a community of diversity–both in plants and people. Teachers should have a basic understanding of the various minority groups sesdfolks in Utah.

Write the responses to the questions on the board.

Seedfolks: Stories that Make a Difference

She is very angry about her situation–not necessarily about the baby. Discuss questions for Wendell. Public Information Logo and Guidelines.

seedfolks essay prompts