The community could use some work, and school spirit is not ideal, but because the school is small I look forward to seeing how Bard can cultivate a more connected community. With permission from Mehan and cheerleading coach Katie Nusca, Drohobycky signed up for both varsity volleyball and cheerleading. I highly recommend considering Bard, it is truly a place to think. Despite this, teachers have lots of extra hours– they want you to do well, and will respect you if you respect them. While I have gotten a very good education for the most part, I’m not entirely sure if the stress was worth it! I realized early on in Townsend that you should not compare yourself to your peers and just always put your best foot forward, and that’s exactly what I did during my time there and in college now. The school is pretty good.

An advantage of the Eagle Hill program vis-a-vis those of other area schools for children with LDs is that it supports the development of pragmatic language skills, in addition to providing an individualized academic program. However, I think that Bard could work on their school safety. Although the workload can be heavy, it is doable! She plans to continue cheerleading in the winter, is considering playing lacrosse in the spring and hopes to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in the fall with a major in production management. I ended up going to an ivy after high school and not only was I prepared academically, but I was more than prepared to face the competitive environment surrounding me. It is also very helpful that the school has an in-house team of specialists – speech pathologists, psychologists, a social worker – who work with students and alongside faculty to support the children’s learning.

The teachers want you to succeed and will do anything in their power to help you.

She is also a member of three clubs and enrolled in eight classes. The school has a rigorous challenging curriculum which is something you should want, you definitely svhool how to manage your time and balance multiple assignments at once.


There are so many elective to take. Lab also has special days where we schuylevrille other cultures, celebrate each other, and create awareness on important topics.

The core curriculum stresses a unique classical curriculum, especially in literature.

Schuylerville Central School District

You get to know all of your classmates and those in other grades! However, all students are expected to work through the rigorous curriculum and can do so with the aid of York College facilities such as the library and computer center.

The Schuylerville High School senior is participating in two varsity sports in the same season. And there is also a college office. Perfect population size- close community, but you’re often meeting new people or getting closer to acquaintances.

schuylerville middle school homework

Many resources such as computer labs, the library, the college office and afterschool tutoring sessions are extremely useful and give students a place to go to when they need help. Our strongest departments are English and Science. Students are also welcome to host schokl if they feel like hhomework is an issue that needs to be talked about. She would go immediately from volleyball practice to cheerleading practice several nights a week, and often go home covered in bruises from both sports.

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Being on a college campus also scnool its perks. Skip to Homrwork Content Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. With over 30 AP courses to offer and teachers with esteemed educational backgrounds, BxSci has presented a platform for me to challenge myself with a diverse set of individuals who all aspire to be the best versions of themselves.

A major emphasis will be placed on developing your ability to explore and solve real-world application problems, appropriately use technology, and communicate mathematical ideas clearly. I highly recommend considering Bard, it is truly a place to think. When our son was in public school, we had to outsource for speech and motor training.


schuylerville middle school homework

I will forever be grateful! The teachers are caring and easy to talk to. Schhool may learn differently, but at Eagle Hill, he has acquired strategies to be successful in that way that he learns.

The teachers are incredible! I have been around boarding schools for over a decade and I am excited to be around a truly inspiring and creative group of teachers and students!

Schuylerville Preparatory High School

Things like this make me realize that I can’t imagine going to another school besides Lab. The teachers are all certified in their concentrations, real engineers walk the hallways, and college professors lecture about Hemingway in front of my desk. The clubs and activities within the school are highly limited and thus fail to cater to every student. Overall my experience at this school was pretty great.

She is also a member of the art club, varsity club and scchool club.

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We are a jomework diverse community and we welcome all kinds of people. Everyone was really respectful and friendly and promoted positive peer pressure, i. There is very little downside to this school, but the college counseling can be placed in that realm. Certain teachers disregard the fact that students are taking classes other than theirs Analytic Geometry This elective course highlights a branch of mathematics, which uses algebraic equations to describe the size and position of geometry figures on a coordinate system.

The school is pretty good.