Food Chain in the Woodlands. Incline Plane, Wedge, Screw. Comments -1 InteractiveWeather Map http: Information in Food Webs http: Endangered Animal Species List.

These will be turned in at the end of the unit for grading. Ecosystems and Biomes Real World Science: Kidzone Water Cycle http: This needs to be completed while working through your WebQuest. Out of This World http:

Work, Energy, and the Simple Machine: Introduction to Physical Science. These will be turned in at the end of the unit for grading.

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These notes will be helpful when creating your final visual presentation. Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Food Chain in the Woodlands. You in the Food Web. How much rainfall does this ecosystem get? Application and Short Assignments.

Food Chains

The Story of the Solar System. File Food Chain worksheet Description: Be sure to include vocabulary words from the list above as well as the information that you collected about your ecosystem and food chains.


resources woodlands junior kent sch uk homework food chains

Light Audio Clip http: Please turn in when you complete your group presentation. Skip to Main Content. Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers. All Part of A Whole. Collaborate and communicate with your group members on a list of possible options for your visual presentation.

You must also ui pictures and the proper arrows to show the relationship between the parts of your food chains.

WebQuest: Ecosystem and Food Chain Expedition

Here are some possible examples: Phases of the Moon. You will need to answer the questions in each section and can take notes using notecards. What is the weather like?

resources woodlands junior kent sch uk homework food chains

The Magic School Bus: Complete your visuals that will be used for your presentation. The Water Cycle and Clouds.

2nd Grade – Ferguson, Adrienne / Helpful Science Websites

Comments -1 InteractiveWeather Map http: Vocabulary – define these words and make your own set of flashcards using notecards. Rules of Forces and Motion. Information on Planets and Other things in Outer Spacehttp: Food Chains at pppst.


Take note on at least 2 plants and 6 animals that will help in completing your food chains How are these plants and animals related to each other? Incline Plane, Wedge, Screw. Predicting Weather Using Weather Maps.

Lee’s Phases of the Moon Rap http: What is an Orbit?