Three courses from the Honors Core lower division. Honors students, especially first-year students, are encouraged to take advantage of this special opportunity. Computer Science and Mathematics Capstone: Setting the bottom margin as described here will automatically result in the distance between the last line and the page number being 0. Waiver of honors credit for service learning or international study cannot be applied toward the final project requirement. The method of presentation shall be that deemed appropriate for the discipline in which the project is undertaken.

Engineering Capstone Chemical Plant Design. Moran, Chemical Pharmacy Enters the University: Click here to see the degree maps we have so far! The goals of the Honors Living and Learning Community are to:. International Study Option Students in the Honors College are encouraged to participate in international study.

Before adopting a style guide, check with your thesis advisor.

nmsu honors thesis

Human Forensic Analysis Capstone: Crimson Scholars are entitled to early registration and library privileges. As with the thesis, you need to arrange the terms of an internship directly with a professor. You may also wish to consult one of the following published style manuals.

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An NMSU honors student with at least a 3. During the sophomore, junior or senior year, a student with at least a 3. Information Engineering Technology Minor: The proposal needs to contain a clear delineation of a research topic and a concise hoors of the research methodology or approach.


Moran, Chemical Pharmacy Enters the University: Angela Kearns Conroy Scholar Major: Monica Azzolini, The Duke and the Stars: A description of the project and the concept s underlying it.

Thesis students should be very capable, motivated, self-directed students. Engineering Capstone Chemical Plant Design.

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A student who completes at least two or level honors seminars will be given a Certificate of Distinction at graduation and special recognition in the commencement program. Simply completing both, required, Viewing the Wider World classes through the Honors College will permit you to achieve this recognition; however, theeis can take any upper division courses level to complete this requirement. International Conference, University of Lecce, October Blackwells,pp.

Business Administration in Finance Minor: It is a place where honors students live among a community of excellent students with outstanding academic records and who are interested in getting the most out of the academic opportunities offered to them at a large research institution.

The report must also contain a reflective component, demonstrating increased self-awareness and personal growth.

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Tables and easels will be provided for poster presentations. Nature and Society 3. In addition to the performance or exhibition, the student must complete a written report or description of the project that is approved by the faculty advisor, to be filed with the Honors College.


Candidates for graduation with University Honors and Distinction in University Honors are expected to make public presentations of their final projects at one or more of the following:. Honors theses and thesis proposals that have been written over the past nmsuu years, covering many subject areas, are available for review in the Conroy Honors Center, Room University of Chicago Press, Soler, Science and the Secrets of Nature: The Crimson Scholars Program is a benefits and recognition program for academically superior students who have a cumulative 3.

By completing the prescribed honors course requirements and maintaining a minimum GPA of 3. The student must also certify that the community service hours are not being used for any course or degree requirement. The Honors Residence Hall is open to both men and women of any university class standing. Sophomores, juniors and seniors must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.

nmsu honors thesis

History and Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish Internship: Sophomores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.