Sample Title Page One way of thinking about this is to think of having a bucket which collects units for your undergraduate degree and another bucket that collects graduate units. Experimental study of physical phenomena. When the program was designed, the intent was to make the process of combining the two degrees smooth and transparent. For some, this is because they want to walk with their class at commencement, while others have parents who want them to have a degree after four years. They must both be on acid free paper.

Computer Science and Molecular Biology How do Thesis Units work? The additional units beyond the AAGS classes needed to get to 66 units almost never come from classes taken specifically for this requirement, but come from RA, TA, or VI-A credit, or excess undergraduate units over the units beyond the GIRs required of undergraduates in the form of headers and AUS classes taken to complete the undergraduate subject requirements. In emergencies we will accept phoned-in or emailed grades from supervisors as long as the grade sheet is sent promptly. Odd-numbered pages should be on the right, even-numbered pages on the left.

There are also a few students who choose to become a graduate student later than the beginning of the fifth year. In this document, the details of the graduate portion of the MEng program will be explained.

mit eecs meng thesis

It’s important to submit a thesis proposal just as soon as you’ve found a supervisor and agree on what the project will be. Almost all MEng students will, therefore, have four unit classes, which means 48 units of credit in Course Thexis 6.

Link to MEng Application. The Departmental signature will be provided later. But there are no guarantees.


In addition to the two copies submitted toit is thessi to give your thesis supervisor at least one copy when you finish. In addition, students must have two subjects from the restricted electives list, and the Masters thesis.

MEng students are expected to make significant progress on their theses each term and take at least one class as long as they have class requirements remaining every term.

6-P The Masters of Engineering Program

No thesis supervisor is empowered to extend the deadline. Sample 6-A Title Page mebg What are the Subject Requirements? Be sure to bring in two copies of the thesis grade sheet if you want a receipt, so that we can stamp your copy. Unfortunately, the reality is not quite that simple.

25. Thesis Release Letter

This academic year’s theiss are listed on the front page of this document. Deciding to take classes first and do the thesis later does not work and is not acceptable.

mit eecs meng thesis

Each are like half-time jobs where you work around 20 hours a week either assisting in the teaching of a class fhesis doing research, which is usually a superset of your thesis research. MEng students are only eligible for grad support during their first three regular grad terms summers don’t count.

6-P The Masters of Engineering Program | MIT EECS

Thesis Release Letter The Thsis Deadline is later than the Institute one because the Institute allows about ten days after its deadline for supervisors to read and grade theses. The MEng requires another 90 units in total beyond the units that are theeis for the undergraduate degree sbroken down like this: The Institute adds quite a bit of complexity to the program. In order to get the MEng degree, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of and receive either theor degree, before or at the same time as the MEng degree.


It’s important to start working on finding it during the junior year by doing UROPs and serving as a lab assistant, problem grader, or undergraduate TA.

ThM, and an academic warning mig be sent. Please print this receipt and bring it with you when you submit your thesis. Joining MEng gives Course 6 undergraduates the advantages of being able to work on a thesis project, being able to take more classes, especially advanced, graduate ones, and study their field in more depth.

Do NOT call us or email to check the deadline: There are two major sources of funding for MEng students: The Department’s thesis deadline means that students who hand in theses after that date are not guaranteed that their final thesis grade will be theesis in time for them to graduate that term.

Checklist for Handing in a Thesis | MIT EECS

If you are a TA, you ahould register for tthesis units of 6. THM thesis and no more than two classes. Computer Science and Engineering The Department signature Katrina LaCurts will be furnished automatically later.

It’s easy and extremely common to miss a few pages deep in the middle of the document.