Discuss your ideas with a potential adviser and submit the thesis proposal to the Program for approval. Strong theses are built upon a clear and coherent assertion of causation or correlation. The honors examination, which normally lasts an hour, usually occurs during the reading period and the week of final examinations. Students should also explore funding options for research-related expenses, if applicable. Saturday, March 31,

The links on the left provide additional information. The document below is specific to Film Studies but students should also take a look at the description of the process in Faculty Legislation. Summer before Senior Year Because of the amount of writing that needs to be done during the Fall, an Honors student should plan to begin and complete most of the research over the summer. Find faculty advisor for the project Register for an International Relations for following Fall semester Submit a page statement of intent to the department Strongly Encouraged for Summer Write thesis proposal Review college IRB guidelines and apply for IRB approval, if applicable Do most of your research: By the beginning of spring semester classes, the Chair of the International Relations Department must obtain the evaluation of the thesis advisor and the second reader, and must then report to the International Relations Department faculty the names of students whose independent work, on the basis of first drafts, remains eligible for honors consideration. Choose the second and third members of your committee. Wednesday, May 1 – Tuesday, May 7,

In the summer before your senior year, you should begin preparation. If you are producing a film, you should shoot all of your footage during the fall semester. Then look at all the philosophy courses offered at the Five Colleges to see hmc there are any courses that might prepare you for writing the best thesis you can.

Senior Thesis / Independent Study | Mount Holyoke College

This is a brief description of what you plan to do, how you will do it, and why it is important. But originality in a heavily studied field requires one to find a fresh angle or perspective, to propose new answers to old questions, and to uncover evidence substantially different from what others have thseis in the past.


Moreover, choosing a hoonors for independent work can rarely be separated from choosing a faculty advisor.

Never claim more than the evidence warrants; acknowledge limitations in your research and the merits of counter arguments. There are basically two ways to meet the originality test. What is your primary source material or evidence?

Senior Thesis | Mount Holyoke College

Orally defend your thesis. Is there a mhd that ties them together that could help you deepen your thesis question? Access and Inclusion Jump to content Jump to Navigation. If the independent work is to be submitted for honors consideration, the advisor must so notify the faculty of the Politics Department, indicating the title of the essay and the composition of the examining committee.

mhc honors thesis

honogs Junior Year — Spring Semester Choose a topic. Access and Inclusion Jump to content Jump to Navigation. If you are planning to do a production thesis, it is at this point that you should begin researching your topic and securing permissions from subjects documentary or drafting the script narrative.

In order to be eligible for departmental honors a student must prior to their senior year, have a cumulative grade point average of at least thesid. Such an essay htesis provide hnoors useful summary of the existing literature, but it does not advance our understanding of the question being explored and may, unfortunately, perpetuate a gilt-edged error. By the end of March, the student, the advisor of the independent work, and the second reader must decide whether the independent work should be submitted for honors consideration.

When undertaking a project like this, it is best to start writing as soon as possible. Any student beginning an honors project should be prepared to write a thesis of between pages. Or you might confirm an existing argument by marshaling new evidence.


mhc honors thesis

Consult the department coordinator for assistance with honorrs. The Chair of the International Relations Department may also attend honors examinations. Recommend appropriate thesis committee members to your advisor no later than 3 weeks after the beginning of Spring semester. During per-registration in the fall of your junior year or earlier begin thinking about your topic.

Honors Thesis and Independent Study

As you plan for your appointment with a potential adviser, consider the following: By July 1st at the latest — The final copy of the thesis must be submitted to the library. Please be advised that your research may require Institutional Review Board IRB approval, so be sure to plan honogs.

mhc honors thesis

It is important and courteous for the students to keep the committee members apprised of their progress throughout the spring semester. Planning ahead hhesis alleviate this problem.

Find faculty advisor for the project Register for a Politics for following Fall semester Submit a page statement of intent to the department Strongly Encouraged for Summer Write thesis proposal Review college IRB guidelines and apply for IRB approval, if applicable Do most of the research: Begin meeting with your advisor once per week.

Has the student completed the IRB process, if necessary? Submission of project to the department May: This question must be one that has intrigued you jonors a long time, and one that you have prepared to investigate through previous coursework.