Multiple-authored articles cannot be used in more than one thesis. This is an excellent opportunity to present your thesis work to your peers and our faculty and receive valuable feedback! A brief abstract in both English and French. Registration Status In order to submit a thesis for examination, the student must be registered in the appropriate degree program. Contact all members to ensure their acceptance and availability to serve on the oral defence committee. The internal member does not provide GPS with a written report.

The oral defence committee consists of five voting members. If I decide to write a manuscript-based thesis and want to write “articles” for my unpublished data, is there a minimum length or other quality standards for these “articles”? Can I use previously-published text verbatim in my traditional-style thesis? Click the link to read about all their exciting health research and progress. Full-time or Additional Session status for the term in which the initial thesis is submitted.

All members must be physically present at the oral defence.

Thesis students do not apply to graduate as a thesis submission is an indication of readiness for evaluation and subsequent completion of degree. Legends or captions accompanying such full-page graphics must be presented on a separate page.

Guidelines, resources and deadlines are indicated below.

mcgill pgss thesis submission

The keynote address will be given by Dr. The external member is distinct from the external examiner and does not submit a written report. Students in thesis programs will maintain their current registration status i.


Thesis Deadlines | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies – McGill University

Sign in site maintenance. For Doctoral theses submissions, the doctoral oral defense will take place between the initial and final thesis submissions. Pages with figures or illustrations may be numbered in sequence or left unnumbered. It cannot be a mixture of theeis two.

Thesis Deadlines

In the case of co-first authored articlesonly one student can use the article in a manuscript-based thesis and must have a written agreement from the other co-first author student s. Nadia has extended her peer-support writing group to [ An important role of the internal examiner is to ensure that the written thesis meets the standards of McGill University.

mcgill pgss thesis submission

If the outcome is decision C, D, or E, you will have six months to complete the revisions and submit to the committee for another evaluation. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Yes, you have a say.

A thesis may be submitted at any time. Are there any months during which I cannot have my defence? There is no page limit, but unnecessarily long theses are viewed negatively since one of the norms of academic scholarship is htesis.

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Should an oral defence committee member require a thesis hard copy, the Unit should request one from the student. Are there any months during which I cannot submit my final thesis? Sign in site maintenance. May I still submit my doctoral thesis? For your convenience, please see a detailed flowsheet and FAQ of the entire thesis submission process from start to finish here.


Doctoral Oral Defence | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies – McGill University

On the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Thesis page pgsss will find: Sign in site maintenance. Contributions of any co-authors to each chapter must be explicitly stated. Students admitted to their programs in Fall onward must also submit a PDF copy of their myProgress Worksheet indicating all program requirements have been met. You may submit your thesis at any time during the year. Exceptional requests to normal procedures e.

The oral defence committee consists of five voting members. Click the link to read about all their exciting health research and progress. Thesis Format Script and Page Format A conventional font, size point, mccgill characters per inch must be used.

mcgill pgss thesis submission

Thesis Components A thesis can be written and organized either in the traditional monograph style or the manuscript article based style.

By integrating the perspectives of marginalized women, together with those of service providers and policy and program advisors, this research [