A square carpet of side m is laid in the room. Amount of precipitation 5. Draw a world map and shows continents on it. Calculate the total area to be polished. Find the capacity of a hemispherical vessel, if circumference of its top is cm2. Find the area of the verandah.

Every Student can send his homework on my email id: Make on Chart On Content of Science. In the natureā€¦ so on 2. Maintain this in a file. Solve the assignment given to you in separate copy.

Make atleast 20 congruent figures and also write about the different criterions of congruence of triangles in a file. This site uses cookies.

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The slant height and altitude of a conical tomb are 15 m and 12 m respectively. The circumference of the base is 88 m and its slant height is 7 m. Lesson -diagram of ear Figure If the digits are interchanged, and the resulting no. Draw a line segment of 5. Prepare power point presentation on topics given in your book. Find each of the following products: TA is a tangent to the circle, ho,ework O, at A.


Learn lesson4,8,10,15 along with exercise. Find the outer curved surface area of the bowl.

What is the cost of 2 chairs and 2 tables? The floor of a rectangular room has a perimeter m and area of its four walls is m2. If 2 pieces of spring rolls and 3 pieces of momos cost 35 rupees and 4 pieces of spring rolls and 6 pieces of momos cost 70 rupees.


Calculate the total area to be polished. How much commission will he get on sale of Rs. Types of precipitation 4.

kv jakhoo homework

It is rebent to form a circular ring. A race track is in the form of a ring whose inner circumference is m, and the outer circumference is m. Every Student can send his homework on my email id: Write a letter to your friend on nomework topic and post it to your friend at his address then bring the letter of your friend words to school after the break.

Write a diary page about your reactions to what the rain say about itself Jakboo bishop candlesticks 1.


kv jakhoo homework

Write application to the principal for Two days sick leave Urgent piece of work iii. A scooter needs 3 litres petrol to cover 90 jakgoo. It is enlarged by digging a strip 20cm wide all round it. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 9. Find the cost of plastering the inner surface of a circular well at the rate of Rs 40 per m2 Two kids are discussing jakhhoo ages.

Write a rational no.

kv jakhoo homework

A school auditorium is 50m long and 30m wide. Find the area of the enlarged flower bed and also the increase in the area of the flower bed.

Find the original number. Take your own test atleast once in two days and maintain the record. Solve FA -3 Question paper in notebook 3.

Find their Present ages.