I liked this book I’ve read it about 5 times! Meercat aged 8 from Berkshire Michael Morpurgo, is a brilliant author, but sometimes a bit sad! Nothing could save me. When he woke up the next morning, there is a bowl of fresh water, and a plate of fish. Kensuke’s Kingdom is based around the time of the ‘s.

I feel that the book was exciting because it was an futuristic adventure about a boy Michael who gets stranded on an island with a man. Alanoud from United Arab Emirates I have read this book it is awesome and we are reading it again in class I never stopped reading it when I started thanks Micheal Morpurgo: Love the book it’s so awesome that’s why I’m rating 10 stars. Tabby from Wokingham I think this is an amazing book, the way he writes it makes you feel like you are in the story. I was in the cold of the sea before I could even open my mouth to scream. Sharnali from London It was a heartbreaking yet breathtaking story. Michael gets stung all over by a white jellyfish.

This is relevant to all specifications, though guidance will be needed in each…. I understand that sharing my ideas will help me improve my writing. From poetry basics to writing and reading poetry, we’ve got it covered.

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Eventually when actually read the book a couple of times you can feel all the emotions that Michael felt on the voyage, when he fell off the boat ect. It wasn’t as interesting at the start but most of the class got into it nearing the end. Michael, his parents and their faithful dog Stella set sail around the world in their yacht the Peggy Sue. Zeyad from UAE The book is very awesome.


Buy now View a sample …. Rosie from Ireland I am ten years old and I read this book in a day. Anon from England It is an amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Esme from England I thinkit is a good v I would definitely recommend you read this book, and when you ll read it ,I believe you recommend this book to your friends,like me. The pack supports teachers of students taking GCSE English Language with a range of practical and creative lesson activities.

My favourite part was when Michael got hurt and Kensuke was caring and kind to him. The book is about a boy named Michael who disappeared the night before his 12th birthday when he fell ohmework a boat named the Peggy Sue. Brill, knesukes is the best book that has ever been written!!! Have a very Merry Christmas! I feel that the book was exciting because it was an futuristic adventure about a boy Michael who gets stranded on an island with a man.

It is a great adventure and is the best book I’ve ever read so far.

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If you’d be interested in submitting resources for other…. Leah from Phillipines Kensuke’s Kingdom was really awesome.

kensukes kingdom homework ideas

Niamh from Somerset Brill. It was an excellent book with good vocabulary.


Kensuke’s Kingdom Teacher’s Notes

Helen Teachit Editor …. I love this book, the way I could not stop reading it because I wanted to now what would happen next!

kensukes kingdom homework ideas

It was an amazing book filled with adventure and also had small small parts which were ideaas. Dogukan from Enfield, United Kingdom This book is awseome. It’s a fantastic story. New term, new resources Get ready for the new term with our pick of resources. If you would like to arrange payment now, please phone us on kennsukes.

Oliver from Leeds It is a good book but even though it is hard to put down it is a hard book to get into. A complete resource, including instructions and differentiated sheets, which you can modify to suit your class.

kensukes kingdom homework ideas

In our revision central area you’ll find heaps of creative, innovative and accessible revision resources, perfect for revisiting a topic or refreshing your students’ memories. I was so intrigued in the book I could not wait until we had English so kenskkes could read the next chapter. Denis from Kyiv It is awesome. Barish from Netherlands This is amazing!!! Halima from Africa It was an excellent book with good vocabulary.