The registration window for CAT closed with 2,32, applications, as confirmed by the office of the Convenor for I went completely tangential to what many wrote but what I felt was relevant to the given topic. I guess P2 was a fan too! Does my essay have one central theme? Remember that you are writing for a reader who hasn’t attended your company’s meetings or contributed to its products. Then why is it a Republic?

Alright, that would be it. XLRI If beauty is skin deep, then how can truth be beautiful? There is an association between the development of mass media and social change, although the degree and direction of this association is still debated upon even after years of study into media influence. And soon corruption will be out from our country. Questions can be asked from the points you have mentioned in your essay, from your field of education, your state, general economy, corporate world and other latest topics. When you read a newspaper, do you ever try to memorise its contents?

IIM Lucknow Interview Experiences

Everyone looked scary to me somehow. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The Cement scandal of involved the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, the Sugar Scandal of involved a Union Minister of State for food, the Urea Scam and of course no one can forget Hawala Scandal ofthe Coffin-gate, fodder scam in Bihar or the Stamp scandal which shocked not only the political arena but the entire society.


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Good essays are concrete and grounded in personal detail. He showed me an empty water bottle and asked me to tell 5 ways of using it Wssay would have gladly given the moon to her daughter, but I was not about to earn an MBA to satisfy this woman’s irrational craving.

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Do you have a girlfriend? The panel consisted of 3 members, One Lady in the middle along with Two Professors. The bottom rung of the reading ladder consists of students who lcknow from a background of Non-English medium of education at school or college level and are not able to read English newspapers.

What’s the worst part of the essay?

Interview Experience: IIM Lucknow (IPMX) – PGPXcellent – Bon Voyage

It was pretty long, they kept asking me to go on and on. What tools do you use?

iim lucknow essay topics

Not the regular stuff P2 laughs: I was six years old, the eldest of six children in the Bronx, when my father was murdered. Please take a toffee and leave. Is it the only way to promote patriotism?

iim lucknow essay topics

In fact, people are surprised to find an honest politician. Topica are your other interview calls? Ever heard of recession?

Unable to recollect the name. If you are not good in writing like me, I would suggest you practice daily. But the second topjcs evokes a vivid image of something that actually happened, placing the reader in the experience of the student. However, the legislature may override the President’s veto if they can muster enough votes.


TISS Try not to be a man of success but a man of value. The President has the power to veto topicss bill, preventing its adoption. There is no compulsion to present the matter in impressive or flowery language. There the Auditors were involved…. What are the conditions for application of pile foundation? Write down what is the unit to measure pain. What is the percentage of people dependent on agriculture in rural areas?

iim lucknow essay topics

IIM Kozhikode As long as cricket is there, betting will be there. We are going to ask you a series of questions that you wouldn’t be able to answer but we want you to figure out your way just like you did now.

And soon corruption will be out from our country.

So, you are from Andhra.