Information Display, 9, 21 It is likely that some of these charged defects are mobile and can drift under the action of the vertical field in the channel. On the basis of experimental concept, it has been found that the n-type conductivity is from the native point defects [6], introduced first in ZnO. For global uniformity, transfer was measured from different dies within one glass samples shown in Fig. We found, any kind of stress shifting light or positive or negative bias is recoverable by annealing process. Negative bias stress in the dark does not produce big shifts of the transfer characteristic. His unmentionable guidance in my study not only taught me many problem solving skills, but has also been a tremendous help in developing a future direction for my career.

The stress shifts the transfer rigidly right side. This dissertation has been organized as follows: Negative stress shifts the transfer left with increasing the swing and mobility which may be due to the addition of new defects near the insulator interface. The 5-stage ring oscillators operate at more than 2 MHz and have a sub 50 ns propagation delay at a supply voltage of 25 V. VGon values in as-fabricated devices have a mean deviation of as much as 0. Skip to main content.

When the ionized vacancies are above the Fermi level EF then they act as a stable positive charge and below EF acts as an unstable positive charge.

We also focused the post-deposition annealing effects on bias stress instabilities. This is a new material and a lot of issues are still unknown.

But still we are not confirmed what is the origin of negative charge and which place the negative charges are trapping. As a practical demonstration, we integrated IGZO TFTs with a novel thin film electroluminescent phosphor to form an active matrix pixel element. We have characterized this light induced behavior in five nominally identical samples and found sub threshold shifts of 3.


NBIS Negative bias illumination stability for bandgap 3. If we understand these phenomena, I am sure that we are able to fabricate any stress effect free devices for commercially implementation using these materials.

igzo tft thesis

In agreement with our work [17], tfft find that hysteresis increases with stress time for negative bias stress, whereas it is not affected by positive bias stress.

We found some experimental evidence to explain the origin of light stress and the NBIS stress, which may help to understand those stress effects.

We found, any kind of stress shifting light or positive or negative bias is recoverable by annealing process. Seung-Woo Lee and Dr. Longer time anneals produce a little increment in field-effect mobility, from Skip to main content. Now a day, we are thinking nanometer range for device fabrications. Thanks also for giving his valuable time to revise this paper. We have total sixteen dies in one glass substrates and we measured rft transfer characteristics from theesis dies, whose edges are highlighted in red in the inset of Fig.

It is evident in our case the improvement of stability by long anneals. Temperature dependent annealing presents some difficulties because the IGZO material converts from amorphous to polycrystalline phase above C annealing [20].

To understand this phenomenon, T. From this we concluded that the instabilities arise from the a-IGZO films. A number of other point defects ought to be considered, following first principle calculations in ZnO [31] ivzo a-IGZO [32]. To find out the origin of PBS stress effects we investigated the time — temperature dependence as it will be discussed in section 2.

Variation of parameters according to various stresses time for V and V gate stress under UV light: Van de Walle, Phys.


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It suggests that the negative electric fields either introduce new donor like defects near the gate insulator or drift some ionized vacancies toward the insulator interface. We can assume those defects may be the formation of new oxygen vacancy by NBS, which donating some electrons as a free carriers and generating positive charge ionized oxygen vacancy, considering as a origin of left shifting of transfer characteristics. If we understand these phenomena, I am igxo that we are able to fabricate any stress effect free devices tff commercially implementation using these materials.

By a similar argument, one can discard electron trapping by deep levels in the semiconductor layer.

igzo tft thesis

We see that the left shift largely increase when we apply negative bias stress under light. And it was also found that some metal-oxide device does not show the TFT performance without annealing [19].

igzo tft thesis

Both optical and electrical stability improvement has found for longer time annealing, sustained the reduction of native point defects by annealing.

To get a good performance of any system, the internal unit should show very stable behavior at different ambient and stress conditions.

Simulation and Fabrication of a-IGZO Flexible vertical TFTs

Here all the light stress experiment was done at RT. The off current is usually controlled by the bandgap light and both kind of light shifts the transfer lefts shown in Fig. Van de Wall [7] experimentally explained that the Hydrogen H2 molecule acts as a donor origin because of its lower formation energy.