Shifting cultivation is an agricultural practice in which areas of land are cultivated temporarily and abandoned as they become infertile. Thank you so much for all your efforts, they have helped me so much with my revision. Problems of population decline: However, exept for a few trees, the desert is home to thorny bushes and shrubs. The atmosphere is polluted by the incineration of waste. Woodly School in North Yorkshire which shut in due to a lack of students. Katrina intensified before making landfall in Florida and was a Hurricane 3 upon reaching the Mississippi Delta.

The tsunami resulted in , deaths, with , fatalities in Indonesia alone. Sparsely populated rural areas: Regards, Carina Like Like. One or two extra helpers may be hired during planting or harvest time. Subsistence farming is common in the lowlands northwest of Maseru, where the terrain is flat and thus suited for the cultivation of crops. This rupture triggered massive waves that reached an altitude of up to 30m.

Besides, migration was common as people moved away igcsr stay with their families. September 7, at 3: Another major problem is the widespread deforestation for firewood on the slopes of the Himalayas. River traffic was blocked for several weeks and many railway lines were closed due to flood damage and landslides.

August 18, at It also allows shipping above the Three Gorges and has 6-folded the water traffic capacity.

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Sheep were brought to New Icgse in the s by British sailors. Also, tourists may dump waste in the desert, poisoning flora and fauna. Population decline Russia has a population growth rate of Botswana Botswana is a landlocked country, north of South Africa. November 15, at cae May 29, at 2: Therefore plants can not take up water from th soil, as the soil has greater concentrations of solute than the roots.


In some rural regions, levees were destroyed to allow the water to escape onto flood plains and prevent uncontrolled damage downstream. Subsequently, longshore drift transports the coastal sediments, which deposit in the sheltered mouth of the Humber estuary.

Ecosystems Many areas of natural vegetation are at risk from human activities.

igcse geography urban sprawl case study

Tourists are educated about how their trip affects the reef and they are not allowed in certain sensitive areas. Maram grass colonised dunes and trapped further sand.

igcse geography urban sprawl case study

The Marine Park Authority gives out permits for fishing, diving and more and has boats patrol the area to prevent illegal activity. Furthermore, soil salinization is increased, as the cut-down trees no longer provide shade for the soil and the hot temperatures-caused by the desert climate of the Sahel- draw water out of the soil.

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Canada is regarded as an underpopulated country as the carrying capacity is much higher than the current population. Some dykes will igcsw raised and stabilised to protect particularly vulnerable regions. It grows in clear water that is free of sediment so sunlight can pass through.

Elderly continue to pass on traditions and culture. The moistureholding capacity decreases; it rains. A Sparsely populated country With a population of around 35 millionand a population density of 3. Best of luck, Carina T.


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As the air moves away from the equator by advection, it cools and sinks at the tropics where the desert is located. The population of Canada is clustered in the Southern areas; because, the cold Arctic climate makes cultivation impossible and it is rather unpleasant to live in those cold areas. This has been caused by factors like: The sinking air warms up and its moisture-holding capacity increases, so the area is very dry.

Join 50 other followers Follow. Most of the work can be handled by just a few workers using machines such as combine harvesters and harrows. Additionally, soil quality declined, not only due to the logging of trees which disrupted the soil nutrient cycle but also as a side effect of coal mining, as this involved the removal of the fertile topsoil layer.

igcse geography urban sprawl case study

Furthermore, the burning of fuelwood releases toxic gases which may be trapped in the houses, causing breathing problems or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Others are emigrating to prevent being abused by radically religious groups such as IS, who have trained child soldiers and organised kidnappings and extrajudicial executions.