Miss McLaughlin September 9, at 1: I was too one of these student who never wanted to do homework provided by my school or college. I feel that high quality assignments, that require my kids to think deeper or demonstrate their learning in a way they choose, is actually the best preparation for their coming years. Plus why should I be structuring my learning environment on other teacher’s viewpoint if it does not fit my own? I teach 6th grade skills not 7th, 8th, or High School. I must say it is the most common problem that most of the student face throughout their academic life. It completely describes the human behavior about their homework.

Probably using the free transform tool to quickly add perspective. Glennz Around the Web View Glennz art, buy t-shirts, and more. It is method to make students learn more and practise more. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with your ruses. If you have upgraded, what is your favorite feature?


Homework Evidence

Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What aspects of your designs and illustrations reflect parts of your personality? I think this series violated a lot of blogging don’ts posts too long,too much time in between, etcbut it is an important topic and I’m glad you liked it.

What is your favorite Illustrator tip, trick, or technique? Thanks for the great read, Ryan — both educational and inspirational!

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