It is an offence for a person to use this title if one is not on the register. Acceptance to a discipline shall, however, be assessed by the ERB. It was a period in which the mass transit system, Hong Kong’s then tallest building, Hopewell Centre – Ir Dr Chan’s first jobs on his return home – and other major projects were being built. When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists The ERB would then conduct assessment on the applications. His engineering career, however, came about entirely by accident, for, unlike many distinguished colleagues who had seemed destined for the top from day one, Ir Dr Chan’s youthful aspirations were quite different:

Applies to Chartered Members of Engineering New Zealand CMEngNZ who have been qualified through supervised training and have not less than four years experience; or those who have been qualified through having practical experience of not less than six years. In pursuance of this rule a member shall, inter alia: Registration is only available in a relevant discipline. All applications made on or after 5 October shall be subject to the following terms and conditions. May be the interaction Series Seminar 3 could provide you with an answer! With the appropriate professional qualification, you may apply to register in the following disciplines: An amended version of Competence Standard for Professional Engineers including Competences and Performance Indicators and Competence Assessment Report will be submitted to the Working Group for consideration in due course.

We are pleased to report that the implementation of Phase I, which consisted of the development of the general framework for competence-based assessment and the use of International English Testing System IELTS with a reasonable benchmarking score as an alternative to essay writing for English benchmarking test, has been completed and approved by the Council.

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With today’s supercomputers and advanced modelling techniques, designing more eye-pleasing structures can be an exercise for the analytical mind as much as a test of one’s artistic facility. Following a review and benchmarking exercise conducted in andthe Council approved the recommendations writinng the adoption of the competence-based assessment approach in professional assessment for Corporate Membership.


The process has dssay stages: For renewal of R. Applicants for Registered Professional Engineer in Mechanical Discipline are required to submit a one-page summary of their experience to demonstrate their abilities in applying engineering theory and principles in engineering practice in the Mechanical Discipline.

If you want to apply for registration in an additional discipline, you will need to apply again and pay the fee.

A step-by-step approach has been adopted in devising fssay assessment, which is to be introduced in four different phases. The Professional Assessment mainly comprises of two components: In the interactive discussion session, many questions had been asked about whether specific CPD is required towards membership application, the relevance of the working experience, the selection of topics in eszay writing, as well as the how to.

ERB intends to use R. However, HKIE membership is not a prerequisite for registration. Normally, no renewal notices will be sent to R.

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Provide a continuing professional development record for the purpose of application; and. We focus on worthwhile projects and are driven to constantly seek better solutions; our size and turnover are consequences of that, not the driver. The purposes for which data relating to applicants may be used are as follows: Following approval a new registration certificate showing the additional discipline with the current registered discipline s will be issued and the new certificate will be valid for one year from the date of registration of the additional discipline.

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Application Fee including search fee. Members of the HKIE.

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QR code on the cover of the Journal Members may have already noticed that, starting from the January issue of the Journal, a QR code has been placed in the bottom-left hand corner of the cover.

It is an offence for a person to use this title if one is not on the register. Project coordination, project and contract management, witing estimations etc.

The assessment may include a partial professional assessment consisting of examination of a report on training and experience, and an interview.

He was appointed as Arup’s East Asia chairman ina year after the firm set up its first Mainland office in Shenzhen; and became deputy chairman of the global Arup Group two years ago.


It turned out to be, he said, “the best thing to happen to my life. If these applicants wish to apply for Members in other jurisdiction first, their submissions under this Agreement shall be subject to a review which may comprise any or all of the following:. Seizing the moment Ir Dr Chan rejoined Arup in Hong Kong in and still remembered how, negotiating his first project as a young man, being asked by the year old director of the client company for his boss.

Applicants who are Members of the Institute in the jurisdiction where they have obtained their substantive training and experience may be required to submit a report on training and experience and record of continuing professional development for review, and to attend an interview.

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For applicants who have submitted applications in to sit for the IStructE Examination inthey would normally be considered as satisfying Section 12 1 a ii or 12 1 a iii of the Engineers Registration Ordinance Cap. It is an approach he finds more satisfying than any other and one that he will bring with him when he assumes the presidency of the HKIE.

In order to get an early bird discount for renewal of registration, the completed renewal form with renewal fee should be delivered by hand in person to and received by the ERB office before the due date expiry of current registration. Applies to Chartered Members of Engineering New Zealand Writinh who have been qualified through supervised training and have not less than four years experience; or those who have been qualified through having practical experience of not less than six years.

Rule 4 – Responsibility to the Public. The ERB would then conduct assessment on the applications and if necessary, discipline matching interview might be required. Mastering the tao of steering creative professionals: