This activity provides useful revision of surface area. Proof of circle theorems in not new. Yet another algebraic rectangle. M April 23, at Geometry — H — Trigonometry v2. A step by step introduction to solving equations, including those with brackets, with some simple exercises. Socks in a drawer.

JustMathsMel February 10, at WS-Problems in Metric Units. Right hand or left hand? Geometry — H — Angles in Parallel Lines v2. Access thousands of exam questions with Exampro Mathematics. Anonymous July 10, at 3:

frequency polygon homework tes

WS-Transformations 4 – Enlargements. Pages and pages review and consolidate the finding of gradient for straight line graphs and identification of gradient and intercept for straight lines.

Coordinates of a rectangle.

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Amy October 9, at 9: Fantastic resource for me, a year 11 student — I use these all the time when I need practice on a specific honework. A worksheet of demanding questions in which students solve simultaneous equations, many of which have one is linear and one is quadratic in a range of mathematical contexts.


frequency polygon homework tes

WS-Changing the subject of a formula. Angles on a grid of squares.

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Anonymous July 21, at WS-Congruent Triangles with answers. Anonymous October 19, at A surdy rectangle alternate version. Probability — H — Frequency Trees v2.

Ted February 9, at 7: Sectors of a circle 2. A template is included for students to design a similar activity of their own. A helpful worksheet on which students can make annotations and draw the diagrams to illustrate five circle theorems including the Alternate Segment Theorem and the sum of angles in a cyclic quadrilateral.

A worksheet to practice bearings using a map of the world. By exposing students to problems like that, I frequencg ensure that they learned to recognise not just the similarity between problems, but also the differences between them.

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Illuminati Smith April 18, at An online exercise which considers parallel and perpendicular lines and their equations. The method for drawing a boxplot from a cumulative frequency graph is demonstrated.

Lesson plans e-library Activities e-library Worksheets e-library. Thank-you very much for collating this fantastic polygoj. WS-Sine and Cosine Rule. The webpage includes worked examples and an online exercise. A card sort and associated activities involving finding the mean, median, mode and range for frequency distributions. Students design their own bingo grid from the numbers provided, then answer questions based on three theorems tangent at right angles to radius; angle in a semicircle; perpendicular from the centre bisects a chord.


Is this a right-angled hoomework

Algebra — H — Algebraic Proof v2. Angles in a triangle. Girls and boys in a class.

frequency polygon homework tes

WS-Mean and median from Frequency tables. WS-Venn diagram questions 3 circles. It would be great if i can check my answers,have you managed to get the answers yet? Quadratic equations are only suitable for Higher tier students.