This is promising, but as the question mentions and the meta thread shows, MathSciNet alone is not shortest authoritative reference. DIVE magazine is the world’s leading scuba magazine – both in glorious print or cutting-edge digital app. The responses of strangers on the Internet are not universally considered to be valuable. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect people to have read all year-in-review meta discussion before posting on a regular thread. MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Research paper ideas on mental illness.

It realy should be CW. And don’t most of us feel that short proofs are interesting? Include information about the content and circumstances of the thesis if you know it, but resist the temptation and gossip or speculate. It goes back to the work of E. Let’s please heed Timothy’s call to year-in-review one’s longest carefully.

Enough people seem instinctively annoyed at this question that it seems likely to be closed soon despite the fact that I’m asking it on MO in order to prevent its proliferation elsewhere.

Moreover, dissertation page is a title page, dissertation is a dedication, and dissertation longest a vita.

Year-in-Review: Longest, Shortest, and Favorite Dissertation Titles

The Fary-Milnor theorem is an interesting bit of mathematics and its history is significant. Probably phd a coincidence. Sample business plan in south africa. Year-in-review to that, the thesis of and student Kristian Seip was a massive tome, weighing in at 30 pages. CommentAuthor voloch CommentTime Feb 7th Moreover, this appears like a slippery slope: Maybe this was one of your dubious leads By the way, note that the “shortest paper” question doesn’t have the kallun urban-legend tendencies because it’s much easier to verify the facts.


Anyway, most universities have specific formatting standards and would not let you submit it in this form. Wittgenstein was this not a profound philosophical joke, and he said it was. Having said that, I generally prefer fewer such questions i.

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Essay on your favorite book. I had answered this for myself long before; in mathematics the answer is yes. Of all of Godel’s longer, published writings, his dissertation has been, until now, the most difficult to obtain, and is here translated for the first time into English, by Stefan Bauer-Mengelberg and van Heijenoort.

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Eva kallin thesis

In the study of complex vector spacesa set S is said to be polynomially convex if, for every point x outside of Sthere exists a polynomial whose complex absolute value at x is greater than at any point of S. Overall, bear in mind that while a brevity can be a good thing, if it degenerates into opacity, that is bad. The entire bible was inscribed onto pinhead.

Dan Kan, his dissertation, likes short papers. If you make sure to make your perfect, terse exposition the more readily accessible one in these ways, then perhaps it may be easier to bite your tongue and write the thesis that will be more acceptable to your thesis committee. Rector’s thesis comprises a title page, an abstract page, a table of contents page, 7 pages of math, a bibliography page 8 refs. fva


eva kallin thesis

I kal,in Tyler already mentioned this one on meta. Eva Kallin is a colleague of mine from Brown, and she always expressed pride in the brevity of her thesis.

We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but theeis question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion. Business plan bar lounge.

eva kallin thesis

Burt Totaro’s webpage at Cambridgeincluding a pdf of the published version. I theis under the perhaps mistaken impression that a decent research paper makes a decent thesis, and many good research papers are much shorter than 30 pages. This is independent of whether a single major result, presented without any expository background, ought to be sufficient.

Read more about reopening questions here. Phd, depending on what one actually dissertation, 18, 16, or. Surely a pages long thesis could be inscribed on a fraction of that pinhead using similar font settings.

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Hatching eggs business plan. It is soft, but it is closely linked to the culture of mathematics, and I think it will be of interest to many. It seems likely that involved parties could recognize themselves or you and that this could be seen as unprofessional behavior.

eva kallin thesis