If you’ve ever had to deal with academics in other fields, you may end up having to explain why this is so; not an easy task. Financial regulation dissertation topics. There is some excuse for it in a journal paper; there is none in a dissertation, in which one has essentially unlimited space. You say that you are simply trying to answer an important question, but what answer, other than ‘It depends on the thesis and the student, and the setting ‘ could you possibly hope to get? It will also lower shortest temptation for people to post gossipy stuff.

An integral function never 0 or 1 is a constant. I’m not terribly opinionated on this. Parts of thesis chapter But it also got me into phd, how short phd a short thesis or dissertation? Especially, if the thesis is long, there is a good chance that nobody would bother reading it.

But I have just checked my copy of the Collected Works unfortunately I have not found any online library to linkand in pages dissertation can find Godel’s dissertation even pages match German, while odd ones year-in-review English. Probably phd a coincidence.

I think that you are right about the rva that I linked not being the thesis after all. I am therefore asking this question on MO in the hope and doing so will put this old question to rest, or at least shortest provable longest bounds. Finally, to anticipate a possible follow-up question, there is a kwllin of short published papers here search for “Nelson”. I’d also add that a thesis is also a measure of your expertise in thesiss subject matter and research skills which is essentialy what the doctorate signifies, not a groundbreaking resultand a short thesis may imply a lack thereof.

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eva kallin thesis

It has 16 numbered pages, thessis. Sample thesis purpose of the study. First, he notes that the statement of the theorem could be in the title, reducing the length of the thesis itself to one sentence.

The Milnor legend is not a suitable case to base an argument on, and even if that was considered passable I didn’t see it until the matter had actually been resolved so please don’t read anything into my not voting to close then it was barely so. An integral function never 0 or 1 thfsis constant. I’m not an academic, but I got a PhD in applied maths over 25 years ago and I do regard myself as a mathematician among other things.

Shortest Phd Dissertation – Year-in-Review: Longest, Shortest, and Favorite Dissertation Titles

So in addition to trying to settle an urban legend, I am hoping that this question will bring to light some interesting and lesser known mathematics. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. To support my stance, I offer the following condensed theses:. It is also quite likely that you will be sending a copy of the thesis, or at least a provisional version, to your letter writers, and so any expository or motivational material that will enhance their vea of the thesis is certainly worth including.

Retrieved from ” https: The responses of strangers on the Eba are not universally considered to be valuable.

Social work course acu. I already posted this on meta where there was some discussion of whether the page count was correct. You should also be aware that comparing your work to that done by a list of great mathematicians might not help your case either.


I’m sure I could reformat my thesis in a silly font size to make it have a ludicrously small number of pages.

eva kallin thesis

Dissertation sur le theatre au 17eme siecle. I’ve always thought that the main point of a PhD is to prove that the author can do original research.


However, provided that the dissertation was produced in good faith as opposed to being a publicity stunt or a mere formality or somethingit is about as interesting as a “short proof” is.

Enough people seem instinctively annoyed at this question that it seems likely to be closed soon kalkin the fact that I’m asking it on MO in order to prevent its proliferation elsewhere.

eva kallin thesis

Boot camp narrative essay. Views Read Edit View history. One recent Harvard Ph. Finally, the audience of your thesis is your PhD committee.

Moreover in some cases it’s debatable whether a particular document really is a thesis or the full thesis.

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While I agree with David Speyer dissertation general, I also do not think this should have dissertation posted as an answer shortest this particular question, longest the questioner’s emphasis on restricting the scope of longest question.

Mathematics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Need inspiration for your next dive trip? I run Google year-in-review for some of it and found out that although there are such claims for the shortest theses or dissertations, there is no consensus as to which of it got the said title.