It is not the responsibility of the government only, it should be solved and taken care by all the parents, owners and other social organizations. Although, the child labour is considered as illegal. Parents should take all the responsibility of the family by own and let their kids to live their childhood with lots of love and care. We should tell other people too about the ways to prevent child labour. In many of the cases many children are forced to work under the pressure of either parents or else some other person who is incharge or guardian.

There are various rules and regulations prohibiting child labour however not getting followed properly by the people. Child labour is the global issue which is more common in the underdeveloped countries. It is dangerous and harmful to all the children below age group of 14 years in the aspects like physically, mentally, and socially or morally. It keeps them away from the happy childhood and good memories with parents. Log in to add a comment. It is being done in India on a large scale.

Children are the new flower with powerful fragrance of any nation however some people are declining the power and destroying the future of the country just for earning small money by illegally involving the growing kids. According to the statistics ofthe highest incidence rates of child labour was in sub-saharan Africa.

In developing cnild, the rate of the child labour is high because of the poverty, low level chld for education and poor schooling opportunities. Guide for using medical cannabis – How to use medical cannabis? Children have to perform a wide range of tasks and activities even after being of small age and low capacity.


Write an article in about 120-150 words on ‘Child Labour’ – A real abuse to the humanity.

It is the issue of everyone which should be solved personally as it can be happened with the child of any person. Child Labour is a conditionwhere small children go to work. It will also help small kids and children to write or recite paragraphs in simple words and small sentences.

essay child labour 150 words

But really, every parents need to understand that they have some responsibility towards their country too. Such parents understand that their kids are the only property of them, they can use them as they want. They are so important asset to this society, nation because they are the future of the nation.

Child labour is generally used in the field of agriculture, factories, labouur and other home-based assembly operations. Depriving children of their childhood, child labour interferes with their ability to attend regular school.

essay child labour 150 words

Both were adopted as the general development programmes in order to benefit the children of age group years. They are unable to recognise that what is wrong and illegal for them instead they become happy getting small money for their work.

Essay for child labour in words –

Under the Factory Act, any child below the age of 14 is prohibited worxs rendering any work in any factory. Humanity itself is at stake here.

This reduces their physical conditions and makes the children more vulnerable to disease. It is a crime against humanity and truthfulness.

Ask for details Follow Report by Palaksahu Write an article in about words on ‘Child Labour’ – A real abuse to the humanity. Inthe Act was amended not in force as of 30 July to prohibit employment of child below 14 years in all occupation except for helping in non-hazardous family business and of child artists in the entertainment industry and sports.


Child labour is the global issue which is more common in the underdeveloped countries. Free help with homework Free help with homework. Child labour has also been a subject of public interest litigations in Indian courts. The Act prohibits the employment of children below 18 years of age in a mine.

There are various rules and regulations prohibiting child labour however not getting followed properly by the people. Answer quality is ensured by our experts.

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They children of years should be provided free and compulsory education by the state government. In terms of the physical condition of children, children are not ready for long monotonous work because they become exhausted more quickly than adults.

It keeps children away from the childhood and interferes with their schooling. Children are too young, cute and innocent to realize the things happening to them in the early age. Sharda University Apply Now.

Speech on Child Labour. According to the Indian law, children below the age of 14 years cannot be employed to any type of work forcefully whether by the parents or owner in a factories, offices or restaurants. Ask for details Follow Report by Priyankadudeja