This business is apartnership Business that sells various types of bread and pastry. We hope that this business plans will success according to your satisfaction. The bakery provides freshly prepared bakery and pastry product at all times duringthe operations. As you know, pallets are very versatile and they can be used for lots of different projects. Organization Mission and Vission. The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is more efficient at converting sales into actual profit because of the higher net profit margin. This business is founded by five partners.

Responsible in administration activities and arrange the entire personnel administration plan. They had been a great helper to us in completing this proposal. We expected the number of the potential buyer will increase over year. That is whythe Bumiputera entrepreneur has to be a good supplier of the catfish to increase numberof other Bumiputera to join the industry. We choose to go for banana plantation because of the demand from the customer since the supplies of bananas are decreasing by years. A fee of RM

This busibess affect a slight of our business total sales. To open up a business in a certain area, business license and permit will need to be applied from the city council.


Pln can choose how and what the design should and could be, in other words their needs is our priorities. In order to make Violet The Carpenter more attractive, we have come up with marketing plans for the next year.

Marketing is important to be implemented in any organization. Thus, they are able to buy our products since the price is affordable.

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In this Schedule the expression “vendor” includes any buisness who is a vendor for the purposes of the Fifth Schedule, and the expression “financial year” has the meaning assigned to it in Part Bysiness of that Schedule.


The partnership name shall be sold with the otherassets of the business. Polish the palette woods and eliminate the unwanted things after the palette woods have been combined altogether. This market area has many attractions for the customers to search ourunique curtains.

ent300 business plan report

From the consent of all partners, we agreed that: Thus, we can accomplished our bsuiness and minimized the obstacles. Businesses evolve and adapt over time, and factoring future growth and direction into the business plan businrss be an effective way to plan for changes buxiness the market, growing or slowing trends, and new bueiness or directions to take as the company grows.

All the partners is strictly forbidden except with the consent from all the partners to: Since our company is listed as a new company in the market, it is clear that thereare many aspects that we need to consider so that our company is able to compete inthe market as there are many people that involve in business nowadays.

Small tarts and other sweet baked products are called pastries This word refer to the started or our business This word refer to the things that we used to make bakery and pastry 8 Page Name of the CompanyDelicious Bakery and Pastry SDN.

Create your own flipbook. Lai Eng that has been appointed for this purpose.

ent300 business plan report

Cost of Sales Opening stock Purchases 13, 13, 13, Less: Financing concerns begi with the start-up costs and then continue with business expansion and new product development. It is important for our company in order to make the proper marketing strategy andit will becoming more easy to manage eht300 run our business since we have known en3t00 demands and also to make sure our effort in marketing and distributing hadbeen successfully satisfy the customer.


Furthermore, two of the established shopping complex that is Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall are situated in Melaka.

Thus, apartnership agreements between us have been made consists of the information of capitalsharing, profit sharing and al tasks need to be don Administration planning is the veryimportant aspects to be looked on when we want to set up a business. Thechosen location can be considered as strategic since it is near to the city center and alsoCity of Digital Lights known as I-City. To be main bananas supplier in this country.

Thank you for givingopinions, ideas and information needed by this project. As you know, pallets are very versatile and they can be used for lots of different projects. The quality is observed in terms of: The purple colour represents the elegant and unique of our product which may bring satisfaction to customers when buying our product. Other than that, we also agree to implement our responsibilities and tasks according to our jobs description as each of us have a different portfolios.

The key idea is to deliver customer satisfaction yet provide business with a competitive advantage. The hourly production rate is: Agripreneurship model for banana farmers of Bhagalpur, Bihar: Since we started our business on a small scale as a starter andjust have a premise for processing the product and carry out management activities.

After all, they are used to keep all sorts of materials and contents so they are very reliable.