Eventhough generic level identification is possible by traditional phenotypic methods, species level identification necessitate a polyphasic approach including both phenotypic and genotypic characterization. The present study provides an insight into the various actinomycetes occurring in the sediments of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Roshini, Thumpakara K; Dr. The heterogeneous catalytic performance of material depends on many factors such as [2] Crystal and surface structure of the catalyst. Now showing items of Next Page. In-spite of the phenomenal increase since independence in the number of institutions imparting education and the number of beneficiaries, India being the second largest nation in terms of population of the young finds its resources spread thin in meeting the demand for education. Hence we propose to synthesis a few phenanthro-2 3H -furanones to study the effect of a radical stabilising group at 3-position of furanone ring on photolysis.

The protocol developed by us employs readily available phenanthrenequinone and various 4-substituted acetophenones as starting materials and provides easy access to the required 3 2H -furanone targets. Or enter first few letters: T he thesis also review trends in the world trade of the major exports from Kerala Description: Chapter 1 gives a general introduction to marine actinomycetes; Chapter 2 gives an account on the morphological, biochemical and physiological characterization of marine actinomycetes. Synthetic strategies and selectivity profile in their reactivity. Many systematic investigations have been performed to correlate catalytic performances with the above mentioned properties.

The sectors are used to simulate linear arrays with uniformly distributed normals by using delays. Three problems of interest involving cylinders in an infinite fluid are studied. We also aimed the synthesis of a few dyuthhi systems such as acenaphthenone-2—ylidene ketones and phenanthrenoneylidene ketones.

These outputs are of interest as they are used to determine the direction of arrival of the plane wave.

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Acid- base properties of the solid surface. We also explored the possibility of developing a new and general approach to the synthesis of 3 2H -furanones from simple and readily available starting materials since such general procedures are not available.


Hence we propose to synthesis a few phenanthro-2 3H -furanones to study the effect of a radical stabilising group at 3-position of furanone ring on photolysis.

Some of the prominent photoreaction pathways of unsaturated lactones include decarbonylation, solvent addition to theeis bonds, decarboxylation, migration of aryl substituents and dimerisation. Log in Privacy Policy To use social login you have to agree with the storage and dyuuthi of your data ryuthi this website. Log In With social network: Quality education comes at a premium in India whether it is provided in the private or in the public sector.

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On action against any researcher for plagiarism sincethe Sanskrit university authorities came out with a vague reply, saying that research scholars had been directed to re-submit theses if they were found to have been plagiarised. Also these systems can be categorised as quinonemethides which are valuable synthetic intermediates. T he thesis also review trends in the world trade of the major exports from Kerala.

Nair AmeeKrishnakumar; Dr. Adsorption sites and adsorbed species such as oxygen. The problem is of interest because elastic stiffeners — in nearly acoustically transparent sonar domes that are used to protect arrays of transducers — scatter waves that are incident on it and cause an error in the estimated direction of arrival of the wave.

Anu Pavithran, V; Dr. They also serve as useful synthetic building blocks for lactones and furans and are the precursors of a wide variety of biologically important heterocyclic systems.

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The displacement of the surface of each transducer is in the direction of the normal to the array and is assumed to be uniform. The pressure field is determined by using geometrical and physical acoustics. The objective of this research is to help formulate the policy guidelines governing the principles of equity that is needed to ensure universal access to education in India. The study reveals that the alteration of the 5-HT1A and 5-HT2C receptor function and gene expression in the brain stem, cerebral cortex and hypothalamus play an important role in the sympathetic regulation of cell proliferation, neoplastic transformation and apoptosis.


Chapter 6 illustrates the study on chitinolytic Streptomyces as antifungal and insecticidal agents. The present thesis concentrates largely on sound radiation from floating structure due to moving load.

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Streptomyces was found to be the dominant group followed by Nocardiopsis. Don’t have an account? Follow thesia Facebook Twitter. In this sea of claims and counter-claims, this thesis tries to identify the issues involved on the question of equitable access to education on the basis of the factual position in the field of education.

Synthetic strategies and selectivity profile in their reactivity.

dyuthi phd thesis

To explore the tripletmediated transformations of 2 3H -furanones in polar and nonpolar solvents a few 3,3-bis 4-chlorophenyl aryl-3H-furanones and 3,3-di p-tolyl aryl- 3H-furanones were synthesised from the corresponding dibenzoylstyrene precursors phdd neat thermolysis. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password.

Molecular structure of the reactants. Summary and Conclusion of the study is presented in Chapter 7, followed by References and Appendices. The problem is of interest because theeis arrays of projectors are often used to search for underwater objects.