The severe situation was faced by the middle class income group who have lost their belongings and had to spend last penny of savings as they could not reach any food or other relief for cultural rituals, otherwise social dignity. Additionally, bilateral and multilateral negotiations with developed countries are important for safe migration of the CIDPs in abroad; 3. This push factors include a natural disasters b development projects that involve changes in the environment c progressive evolution of the environment and d environmental consequences due to conflicts6. Total area of the affected four Upazilas is The people had firstly migrated to the nearby urban areas like Satkhira, Paikgachha and Batiaghata town and Khulna city to survive.

According to Ahmed et al. No injuries were reported in the state. But there are cyclone shelters for every 9, people in the rural areas. According to Norwegian Refugee Council NRC , more than 42 million people were displaced in by natural disasters in which more than 38 million by climate related disasters. National strategies for the facilitation of internal and international migration of displaced people may extended to trade and development programs as well, thus, institutions like UNCTAD could be a helpful one. Special thanks to environmental researcher and Khulna University teacher Kushal Roy for his significant contribution in this study. Adequate measures including training for skill development of the vulnerable people so that they can be efficient citizen of the country.

Khalishpur Kashipur, Rayermahal, Hamidnagar, behind the Shishu 4 9. Famous US environmentalist and the founder of the Earth Policy Institute Lester Brown used the term of Environmental Refugee to attribute the emergence of addressing displaced people forced by environmental degradation and impacts of climate change At least 1, livestock cattle, buffalo and goat and more than thousand poultry resources has been damaged totally.



Cyclone Aila

However, the extent of the problem demands some specific action rather than making statements. But the opportunities were too limited to survive with a family of 5 members average size of Bangladesh.

Climate Change is one of the major issues which are shaking the world and deteriorating all of the natural and manmade elements which are essential to the human being for civilization.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Water-logging severely affected road traffic in several places including Cuttack, Paradip and Jagatsinghpur A Theory of Migration. Archived from the original on May 23, These groups are the major working force of the country also. On the other side, amongst the participants of the study, years age group is more than But when water scarcity with food crisis arisen, they had to migrate to the nearby cities and urban areas.

Khulna, June 82 District Education Office Help Center Find new research papers in: The total agricultural land of these areas isThe government may initiate special safety net program to reach the people being displaced by riverbank and coastal erosion, cyclone and slow onset process including water logging and salinity intrusion. However, people have resorted to different adaptation strategies to come out from the disaster situation and tried to make themselves resilient to disasters.

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For the first time in their life, the Aila affected people depend on outer sources for drinking water. Cyclone Aila hit the coast in 25th May and the data have been collected since 28th December to 7th January But the ecologists and climatologists have already proved that climate change has a role in accelerating migration, especially in the Most Vulnerable Countries MVCs One must appreciate PM because of the statement she made before global audiences.


Shyamnagar under Satkhira district is one of the most victimised Upazilas affected by cyclone Aila.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Due to population boom and increasing poverty in the Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh, the urban areas are expanding to the city-adjacent areas of Batiaghata, Dumuria, Rupsa and Bangldaesh Upazila without any citizen services e. As a result, the children of those areas have outside from the education for a year.

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently stated again, ‘Since Bangladesh is likely to have huge human displacement due to climate change, we want establishment of an international regime under the UN to tackle the situation’.

As a result, they have dropped out from the school.

Mongla was very less affected by cyclone Aila. Most of the inhabitants of these areas are small and marginal farmer, fisher folk, forest resource dependent communities and indigenous Munda people.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

That is why, people from same localities or villages concentrated in the same slum. Livelihoods of Coastal Fishermen in Peril: Actual distances are not shown for Destination ailz of Box.

Among them information has been collected from persons which is only 0. The height and width of the embankments reduced naturally and loss its strength to protect the areas Foundation for the Future.

As the cultivable lands were under water for a couple of months, farmers and agricultural labours had no work. What are the causes behind the scene and where were they going?