Dow Corning has more than 7, offerings, but the Xiameter portal sells just items. They knew exactly how they wanted to use the fluids. Yet only six months after its formation, the Xiameter team came out with a fully automated Web portal that functioned in 50 countries worldwide. Looking for something specific? To sharpen my skills I decided to deconstruct the Xiameter business model and compare its parent, Dow Corning —just for fun. For this reason, it is critical to ascertain the causes of word reading difficulties in order to identify these problems and provide appropriate instruction as early as possible.

To sharpen my skills I decided to deconstruct the Xiameter business model and compare its parent, Dow Corning —just for fun. Like in the case of Dow Corning, the segmentation became suspect after 60 years of using the same segmentation. My starting point was an article outlining the structure of Xiameter: This site uses cookies. Analysis of Corizon Health. We are the experts in developing global leaders through high-impact executive education.

case study xiameter

They have been a market leader in the silicon industry since its inception — and their strategy was built around providing the best possible product. I believe the company did the right thing to try to use the DOW brand as a Halo around a commodity business and create a lower cost structure for the commodity business.

With the BMC, you can apply design thinking to the innovation of a business model. The new Xiameter channel is a textbook example of disruptive innovation.

Xiameter Case Study: Adding Business Model Innovation | Tim Kastelle

Seven causes of initiative overload and a step-by-step process to guide leaders how to solve it. Visualizing abstract business concepts really helps solve problems. Here is how Jeffrey describes the advent of Xiameter:. High levels of recurring.


Similarly, there is a service fee for orders placed stud phone or through regular mail to cover the additional personnel involved. How about receiving a customized one?

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case study xiameter

Thanks and great post! Dow Corning segmentation was based on 6 industries which sold to their customers within the industry segment from healthcare to automobiles, from household products to electronics. We are distributors of Dow Corning in atudy and all this is a great info! Everything else except sales and marketing — in other words manufacturing, governance, sustainability and C-level management resources — is shared by the two brands.

Dow Corning’s Big Pricing Gamble

Not surprisingly, the portal emphasizes transactional sales as opposed to relationship sales. This is where it helps to be big. Which explains the big picture better? They reviewed their segmentation to a needs-based segmentation scheme. This meant that as specific products matured, the priorities of clientele within them shifted from wanting help with innovation to wanting to keep costs low.

Dow Corning invests in change,” InformationWeek, no.

A breakthrough is the next, biggest, better product or service in an existing market. You are commenting using your Google account. Xiameter first mover advantage was starting to erode according to some pessimists, we need review current marketing plan, and chart a future for the business.

Dow Corning’s Big Pricing Gamble – HBS Working Knowledge – Harvard Business School

One question is whether Western HQ companies can ever build the lowest cost structure for a commodity business. In a previous post, I suggest that the BMC is a type of alignment diagram.


case study xiameter

In the early s, however, Dow Corning noticed an emerging trend toward commoditization in some of its markets. You are commenting using your WordPress. Although Dow Corning does not divulge sales and earnings figures by product, Fillmore says that Xiameter experienced double-digit growth in its first year of operation and that its contribution to Dow Corning’s overall financial health has been “very favorable.

This include customize application testing, training custom blending packaging and recycling and formulation. The Dow Corning brand is aimed at companies wanting technical assistance, research support, and the expanded services involved in determining which chemicals will provide a particular performance capability, feel, or experience.

The mission statement of Corizon Health clearly outlines that it is a company, which over the years, has put itself together on.

By contrast, Xiameter adopted what looked like a radical tactic: Her response was that they were all running xiameetr instances of SAP.

At the same time, however, Dow Corning wanted to create the look and feel of something fresh, “something we could designate as a new measure of value for Dow Corning,” says Scott Fuson, chief marketing officer for both Xiameter and Dow Corning.