Page Each department, except for packaging, has a supervisor on every work shift. In this scenario, the timeliness of the packaging as well as the packaging quality could be scored during each shift, and the employees on the shift that had the best scores would receive a predetermined reward for the period under review. Although they are punctual and productive in other departments, these temporary employees soon adopt the packaging crew’s informal schedule when assigned to that department. Sawmill cuts from high-quality logs usually do not require planing work. This has resulted a large backlog of finished product is stockpiled outside the packaging building.

Higher grade logs leave ArbreCorp’s sawmill department in finished form and are sent directly to the packaging department. Consider the use of formatting such as point form, subheadings, etc to ensure your case is easy to read. It is more important to provide your reasoning and ideas in a concise and thoughtful way than to be absolutely correct. Supposedly, each department should communicate with each other. The market for building-grade lumber is very price competitive, because there are numerous mills selling a relatively undifferentiated product. What are the “red flags”?

Additionally, this backlog also added to inventory costs with a risk for damage. Recommendation As mentioned above, this author recommends, first of all, that ArbreCorp management cancel the overtime system with immediate effect.

Arbrecorp Ltée Case Study – Case Study

It seems like they are at the stage of expressing the dissatisfaction. Employees who sutdy temporarily assigned to the packaging department dase seem to participate in this time loss pattern after a few days.

Lack of motivation among staff of packing departmentAs we can see that the staff of packaging department tend to break the rules. It was built 30 years ago, and completely updated with new machinery five years ago. Maintenance employees work the night shift starting at With employees earning one and a half or two times their regular pay on overtime, ArbreCorp’s cost competitiveness suffers.


case study arbrecorp ltee

These productivity improvements are due to better operator training, fewer machine breakdowns, and better selection of raw logs. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

case study arbrecorp ltee

In this scenario, the timeliness of the packaging as arbrecirp as the packaging quality could be scored during each shift, and arbrecrp employees on the shift that had the best scores would receive a predetermined reward for the period under review.

Similarly, this idea could be extended to cover the entire organization such that each team would consist of a boom sub-team, cawe sawmill sub-team, a packaging sub-team, and so on. As a result of this, ArbreCorp has faced losses, with increasing levels of inefficiency and suffering cost competitiveness within the packaging department, leading this to finally surface within the company.

Loss of some large customers A few large customers decided to switch to competitors lumber. The planer supervisor is responsible for the packaging department on the morning shift, and the sawmill supervisor is responsible for the packaging department on the afternoon shift.

However, recent years the companys rating started to decline. In cxse opinion, there are several ways that the executives could take to correct these problems. This also led to the department being unable to handle the increased amounts of product they had to handle, leading to a large backlog. If they know that packaging department having hard time to finish processing all the stockpiled product they shouldve discussed and come out with the relevant solution.


Read Full Essay Save. So, the employees might think that since cae Im already doing my job but still getting added work shift, so what for I continue to contribute more?

In fact, it is possible that the supervisor might be influenced by the existing norms of the packaging department and no change will occur.

Treetop forest case study. Buyers will look closely at the packaging when deciding whether to buy from ArbreCorp or another mill. Adrian Tiong Meng Wei Documents. Published on Feb View Download 8. By Jun Justin Li.

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Click here to sign up. This means that at any point in time, the entire team would be on a particular shift. The packaging department does behaves like a team, albeit inefficiently and ineffectively, and it is possible to build on this characteristic to solve the problem that currently faces Stusy. Residential comprising terrace… Documents. This should give a further boost to the efficiency of the organization.

Arbrecorp Ltée Case Study

Self-Directed Teams SDTs Self-Directed Teams are cross-functional groups organized around work processes the complete an entire piece of work requiring several interdependent tasks and that have substantial autonomy over the xase of those tasks. Therefore, while others are working hard to improve performance, the packaging department is getting worse.

Productivity levels in the boom, shipping, and maintenance departments have remained constant.

The first being the company experiencing a bottleneck in packaging: