The value of that rate is weighted across each source of capital to which the firm has access typically, debt and equity markets. We add up the total Weighted Scores for each project, and according to Table 3. What advantages and disadvantages can you see with the process of scope creation in the traditional project management world? Explain why the research question is interesting or important, and how the authors of the paper They have hired a consultant to investigate some of the principle causes that are underlying these problems and he believes that the primary problem is not how project are run but how they are selected in the first place.

Payoff potential 1 ria, and ratings. Each team member will hand out their proposed outline at the beginning of the meeting. The value of that rate is weighted across each source of capital to which the firm has access typically, debt and equity markets. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? All new projects, for Project Management: How does multitasking confuse the resource availability of project team personnel?

case study 3.1 keflavik paper company

The goal is to balance the competing demands of time and advantage. Based on past commercial experiences, the company feels that the most important selection criteria for pper choice are: Our relevant criteria including importance weightings include the following: As such, Tollgate is pxper than just a project-selection methodology; it involves controlling the selection and development of the project as it moves through its life cycle.

Companies spend great amounts of time and effort trying to make the best project selection decisions possible. AHP allows weighting by main and sub-criterion which eliminates the double counting of the scoring model.


Suppose that instead of the four project alternatives for the new software project we discussed earlier, they had identified six candidates for development. Payback Period The intent of project payback period is to estimate the amount of time that will be necessary to recoup the investment in a project; that is, how long it will take for the project to pay back its initial budget and begin to generate positive cash flow for the company.


case study 3.1 keflavik paper company

Why is project portfolio management particularly challenging in the pharmaceutical industry? But when we multiply the numerical value of Time to Market 3 by its rating of Medium 2we get a Weighted Score of 6.

case study 3.1 keflavik paper company

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the profile model for project screening? The plant can be upgraded in one year and start earning revenue the following year.

Clearly, however, many firms must consider oeflavik option when making investment decisions.

To effectively evaluate the situation, you must approach the problem in a methodological manner. Are they reasonable, or should other factors be considered as well?

She has to compaany Time to Market always receives a value of 3, profit potential a value of 2, develop- ment risk a value of 2, and cost a value of 1. Simplistic models typically yield simplistic answers and their consistency from method compaby method is questionable. You are required to complete the micro-credential Information Literacy which will help enhance A model must be simple enough to be used by people in all areas of the organization, both those in specific project roles and those in related functional positions.

Assume that your firm wants to choose pertinent information about each alternative is listed in the chart: Emerging Trends Annotated Bibliography Assignment Content Identify three ieflavik trends that you believe will influence teams in organizations and how they will be led […].

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In firms that have incorporated AHP analysis, studdy project proposals must contain, as part of their core infor- compsny, a sophisticated AHP breakdown listing the proposed project, alternatives, and projected outcomes. Keflavik Paper Company Case Study 3. Critics of scoring models argue that their ease of use may blind novice users to the sometimes-false assumptions that underlie them. Assume that the following information is relative to the process of screening various project opportunities.


A good example of this phenomenon was the disas- trous L commercial jet project initiated by Lockheed over 20 years ago. The model will allow them to make the best choices within the should be stusy modified if trial applications require usual constraints of time and money.

How would project portfolio management help to improve the situation at Keflavik?

Based on these results, are the The models do have some drawbacks. Please make sure that each A number of commercial projects, for example, have come in late and well The Keflavik Paper Company is a case with the problem of determining a project management process Each of the seven Tollgate stages can be broken down into a so-called process map that guides managers and teams in addressing specific necessary elements in the completion of a stage.

The hierarchical allocation of criteria and splitting of weights resolves the problem of double counting in scoring models.

However, using the AHP, you would first need to weigh all positive elements, develop your screening score, and then compare this score against negative aspects, such as cost.