Twitter Feed My Tweets. See More See Less. Screenshots and pictures at Flickr Share this: You are commenting using your Facebook account. The price of the food we eat is actually much more expensive than our monthly statements indicate. The company has acknowledged the necessity of making changes, and it is now up to the dining commons to follow through with the agreements they have made to follow the Monterey Bay seafood watch guide and bring more local produce to CSUMB’s table. This spring, Salesforce joined nearly a dozen other firms in supporting the CSUMB Capstone Project , a course that invites groups of students to tackle real world challenges.

We tend to forget that these products often travel hundreds or thousands of miles to get to our shopping carts. You are commenting using your Google account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For them, local opportunities are particularly inviting. The course spanned two full Saturdays and was taught by Erik Eldridge, an engineer at Twitter. The cost of our food is monetary, to be sure, but have you ever stopped to consider the human, animal, and environmental price tag of bringing your weekly groceries home? They champion just and sustainable food systems starting at the youth and university level.

There are carbon emissions capstoje rain forests being cleared to make room for ever more unsustainable and destructive farming practices. We are increasing the number of CS graduates by broadening participation in computer science from traditionally underrepresented, first generation and low-income students. The basic architecture is sensors connected to an Activity Management platform to track the real-time activities interacting with a Mobile Application used by the public and presenters at the Festival.

Stephanie was most surprised by the enormity of the corporations from which the school purchases products, and that their reach is far more all-encompassing than she had realized.


Sketch of a presentation is at Slideshare.

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This site uses cookies. Sodexo gets kickbacks from purchasing projfct other sanctioned big corporations, like Tyson Farms.

Sodexo is the current provider of on-campus vending and other food services, and has been cooperative in working with Yee on her project. The purpose of capsotne club is to create a food justice culture on campus by bringing different sustainability clubs together to work on projects to build momentum, resources, and student input regarding on-campus dining.

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The millennial generation is laying the foundation for a new wave of environmental advocacy, and that is a good reason to hope for change. There is oil involved, projecct is water being used.

capstone project csumb

In a region defined by agriculture, this should not be too tall an order. Screenshots and pictures at Flickr. Efforts like bringing real food to local schools, teaching kids how to grow plants and care for bees, and standing up for a local endangered species are reasons to be optimistic in this current climate of environmental pessimism. Food Waste in America: The backend will be based on Node.

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Santa Cruz Tech Beat. UCSC engineers to participate in research center on autonomous systems www.

Email required Address never made public. The Mobile Apps will be written using the NativeScript framework. A packed room of students prepare for the start of a one unit course on quality software engineering.

We tend to think about the cost of our food when we are swiping our credit cards in the checkout line. So began a partnership that continues to develop.

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Having held part time jobs to help pay for his education since he turned 16, Zepeda is excited about this opportunity:. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Great recap from Monterey Bay Economic Partnership www.


There are workers being paid pennies a day to do back-breaking labor. Most of the time these deals aren’t made publicly available and the kickback money doesn’t go back to the campus. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Karen Tafolla and other teaching assistants guide small groups through practice problems in preparation for a midterm in the introductory programming course.

The cost of our food is monetary, to be sure, but have you ever stopped to consider the human, animal, and environmental price tag of bringing your weekly groceries home? It’s no secret that global warming is taking its toll on the availability of water for farmers, and vsumb are feeling the effects of that lack here in the nation’s salad bowl.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. As part of her project, Stephanie and her partner, Teepian Yu, assessed over 4, items being used by the CSUMB dining services based on two months of cshmb over the past year. It has allowed me to learn more about what I love and do so from close to home. It was around this time that I began tinkering with them and finding out how they work.