As of now, JJ looks so cool and lightning fast. In reply, we lost early wickets. The matrix will be reduced by 2 rows and 2 columns. Posted by Chandu at 3: Can you please share yours If we have a large dictionary set, then it is feasible.

But over a period of 4 lectures, I had a hold of it. I just roamed in campus for 1 hour and campus is awesome. I am waiting for the last subject result. The opponent team had scored 84 in 10 overs. Thanks in Advance, Saurabh Arora. This became the last day of II on my comp. We just need to take care of the vertical, horizontal and diagonal strikes, after each move.

I am in third semister disxertation on now, was looking forward for any existing projects. So, I thought of dictionary datastructure in pyhon. The opponent team had scored 84 in 10 overs. This is an application to check VTU results and also ise ranklist. There will not be much of coding, and only enhancements for the existing code.

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The first week, we played at Oxford College of Nursing grounds. The initial days were very difficult. What is your viva date? The mid sem exams will be in September Last week. I have not performed well at all.


My Views – Criticisms are most welcome 🙂

Had brushed through the concepts well and the open book exams were dissertatin design oriented for Embedded System design and Software for embedded systems. Hopefully I will come to track on my 2nd Semester soon!!!!!

Extract them to a specific directory. Here is the procedure of fixing them. This post is to develop a ranklist.

bits pilani ms dissertation

Over a period of nearly pilain hours. Finally, I could install it today. But over a period of 4 lectures, I had a hold of it. A copy of my dissertation report and my final viva voce presentation is available as attachements to this post report and presentation were created using Latex and Latex-beamer respectively, email me for the sources.

I asked many of them quite a lot of things while the session was going on. I will be updating the blog periodically.

My Views – Criticisms are most welcome 🙂

Though at first I didn’t opt for the course, later I decided to do it. Its free and its of 10 Mib. This is how JJ looks on my comp. Since it has Openoffice 3.


This became the last day of II on my comp. I am enjoying every single moment at Yahoo! So, that file size reduced to less than Kib.

bits pilani ms dissertation

Then, final Semester 4th will be dissertation. The experience you get doing MS abroad is priceless in terms of Learning and in terms of places you get to Visit. The program should be extensible and very modular. Whenver I play, I will be having the mindset ,” must win”. If its a row, column matrix.

bits pilani ms dissertation

Hope this helps your thought process! Then I deleted the entire dictionary set in the 1Mib file. Its been quite a long time I have been using Intrepid.

Numerous employees from different companies, are and have been doing it.