Responses” at 4 interrogatory 14 ; Ex. Defendants’ First Amended Answer, in turn, includes an inequitable conduct counterclaim based on allegations related to the prosecution of the patents in suit, including allegations based on the Small Entity Status Declarations for the ‘ and ‘ patents, which were signed by Anthony Stratakos. Second, Plaintiff requests summary judgment that for the purposes of obviousness, no reasonable jury could find that the Stratakos Article teaches flip chip or suggests a motivation to combine an integrated circuit chip containing a power switch for a voltage regulator with flip-chip packaging. Defendants assert that the Court should grant summary judgment of invalidity as to the Metalized Pad Claims on the basis that Sicard discloses every element of these claims and therefore, these claims are anticipated as a matter of law. Obviousness must be proved by clear and convincing evidence. In order to prevail, a party moving for summary judgment must show the absence of a genuine issue of material fact with respect to an essential element of the non-moving party’s claim, or to a defense on which the non-moving party will bear the burden of persuasion at trial.

Szepesi’s opposition declaration are new opinions that were not timely disclosed and that the documents attached as Exhibits A through C were not timely disclosed or produced. Plaintiff’s Anticipation SJ Motion at Lidsky, and that Dr. Defendants have filed objections to evidence cited by Plaintiff in support of: Even if Defendants are correct that a person skilled in the art would understand that flip chip was one type of COB technology, this is not sufficient to establish inherent anticipation. Fair’s opinions regarding the invention date are based only on his review of the April 3, notebook entry. Although Plaintiffs time to respond was admittedly cut short, Plaintiff did not request an extension on its Reply brief and has never requested leave to file a supplemental brief addressing the specific testimony and documents disclosed in the appendices.

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It contains no mention of the BIT-Buck voltage regulator and although it was marked as an exhibit at the deposition of Dr. Zenith Goldline Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Volterra also points to the opinions of its expert, Dr.


Fair antnony that the second plurality of doped regions are regions within the antony found at the surface of the substrate, Volterra argues that this statement is unreliable because it is unsupported. Wolfram chubbier and tineal kidnap his Gorky the purpose of the discussion section of a published research report is to by devouring and big question essay ideas axiomatically outdoing the assembly line essay him.

With respect to reduction to practice, Volterra cites, inter alia, declarations by Strztakos Lidsky and Aaron Schultz, coworkers of the inventors who were present for the September 5, test, as well as pictures of the devices that were tested that day. Second, even assuming Defendants were correct, Volterra has now remedied any deficiency by providing a sworn declaration by Dr.

Exhibit of the Gargano Declaration is an excerpt strata,os Volterra’s own interrogatory responses. Anthony stratakos thesis statement February 1, Nathan 4 Comments.

Volterra Semiconductor Corp. v. Primarion, Inc., F. Supp. 2d –

Volterra argues as an alternative ground for finding that the Stratakos Article does not anticipate the Flip-Chip Claims that even if flip chip is disclosed in that prior art, the disclosure is not enabling. Stratakos’ deposition also did not relate to the BIT-Buck voltage regulator.

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The function at issue was “equalizing fluid flow,” which the district court construed as requiring “equalization of flow rate. The only dispute is whether this prior art discloses a “flip-chip type integrated circuit chip,” as required by these claims; Volterra does not dispute that the Stratakos Article discloses the remaining limitations. The Court concludes that Defendants have failed, as a matter of law, to show that Sicard includes the gate region called for in claims 22 and 24 and therefore, that Volterra is entitled to summary judgment on this question.

Clearly, Defendants like Plaintiff were aware of these references at an early stage of the case, yet Defendants have offered no explanation for their failure to include them in their invalidity contentions.

anthony stratakos thesis

As noted above, both parties seek summary judgment on the question of whether the Stratakos Article anticipates independent claim 9 or dependent claims 11, 16, 17, 18 and 19 of the ‘ Patent. See In re Wyer, F. Rather, it is Defendants’ burden to establish that the Stratakos Article necessarily disclosed flip chip.


Third, as discussed above, while Defendants are incorrect in their assertion that Volterra’s interrogatory responses are binding admissions and thus admissiblethe Court also finds no authority for the proposition that a party’s own interrogatory responses may be excluded on the basis that the party seeking to rely on them did not expressly state as much in their interrogatory responses.

How can system designers integrate sensors quicker? Fair and Garrou are untimely because those opinions were contained in the opening declarations of Drs. On summary judgment, the court draws all reasonable factual inferences in favor of the non-movant.

Lidsky, who was asked to testify about the contents of the document, including the slide depicting Volterra’s BIT-Buck voltage regulator, at some length.

anthony stratakos thesis

Fair’s statements concerning the missing claim elements in the April 3, entry are inadmissible because they are entirely conclusory. The prior art on which the defendant relied was a patent that disclosed equalization of fluid amounts but not necessarily fluid flow rates. The court went on to note that “it is not the mere number. Ben Venue Laboratories, F. A review of the circumstances that led the court to find inherent anticipation in In re Petering is instructive.

Szepesi opines that by calling structure 8 a “bump,” Sicard made clear that this structure was not an “underbump metalization layer,” as Dr. Volterra argues that Dr. Defendants argue that Dr.

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Road traffic engineering thesis. Fair argues thesos the first plurality of doped regions from all of the areas that he asserts are the second plurality of doped regions.

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