If the company does not utilize critical thinking which may include thinking outside of the box, the company will become stagnant and unable to move in a positive direction. Retrieved on February 3, , from https: In conclusion many times when problems are identified the company will need to think critically about how to move forward and grow. As the head of marketing he understands the market the best. He believes that there are too many changes to take place by the deadline and that the There were a couple different fallacious arguments that were within this company.

Communication needs to be revamped and more team meetings need to happen to discuss products and services of any changes. It is only a matter of months before Secur-A will come to market with a competitive product. Chris is also assumes that Pat and Kelly can work out the details on the project without any involvement of other resources 2. She also assumes that Chris is not supporting her and trying to undercut her. The first is the increased. For each problem listed above, describe the data, arguments, and reasoning that contribute to the problem.

What is the underlying problem.

Would you like to get a custom case study? Chris Martinas – is looking at the new product as the future of the company in their market segment. Cliff O’Connor – For the most part Cliff’s arguments are emotionally that have been encourage by the position of thinkkng company and the economics of the market. Write an executive summary for the CEO points possible. If they stay with the current product, there are already known issues, marketplace, and stjdy name recognition as being an established product.


Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study

criticl Army provides military and civilian. Usually of course we are not aware of the full scope of reasoning in our lives Elder and Paul, The first is the increased. This problem causes uncertainty between the board, staff and even the patients of.

Chris’s first assignment is to put together a report cawe will serve as the guide to her boss, Pat’s, first employee meeting in ten years. Respond to the specific questions on the worksheet that follows points possible.

acuscan critical thinking case study

The stakeholders for the new product are Chris, Cliff, and Pat. Cliff the CEO has given directions to the others to expand a new product to put out on the market.

acuscan critical thinking case study

In the area of communication, there are little direct discussions with all parties. This would allow them thonking stick to the budget without losing any addition staff positions. Recommendations Cancan will need to follow would be to look at other possible avenues of funding for their new product.

Pat Lambert – from a marketing direction, Pat knows the company needs to find some new product or directions to boost revenues.

Acuscan Critical Thinking Case Study – Words – BrightKite

Describe all problems in this situation. When workplace rejection occurs, the employee must use critical thinking to develop effective decision making techniques to stop these emotions from decreasing job performance. Could the August deadline be extended a few months to get the product the way they wanted it?

The result is that whatever we think, we reason whatever we conceptualize the world, or any part of it, we reason. Indicate whether they are emotional or logical in nature.


We draw conclusions whenever we make sense of things. She also assumes that Chris is not supporting her and trying to undercut her. Explain the arguments made by each of these people.

There are some in the organization, like Kelly that believe that AcuScan does not have to have a full feature new product to be released to the market. A critical thinking case studyProblemsCurrently, there are wide array of concerns that are plaguing the hospital’s ability to run and maintain its daily functions.

This may include downsizing the current features they have in mind. Chris Martinas – arguments seem to more emotional and stuvy what sound. Retrieved 05,from https: He also believes that Chris is not supporting him and is trying to undercut him while he is CYA. Chris is also assumes that Pat and Kelly can work out the details on the project without any involvement of other resources 2.

Critical thinking case words – 11 pages A case study for a manufacturing company called AcuScan, Inc was fulfilled. The case study involves “Operation Optimize” which plans to bring a new retail iScanner to the market. However when all is put down on paper, Kelly is not sure, nor will commit to the August deadline. This could free up revenue to start the new product and once there thinkihg profit bring the staff back on.